Becca Kufrin Mocks Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Baby Announcement

Becca Kufrin Instagram

Becca Kufrin of The Bachelorette recently made a post on her Instagram story that has fans talking. This story comes just days after Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his wife Lauren had their first baby girl. During labor, they were posting various updates for fans. Eventually, they made an announcement that the baby had arrived. Then, Becca decided to make a similar post, but not about a baby at all. Instead, she was excited about her cookies.

What did Becca Kufrin post?

Becca Kufrin went to her Instagram story and posted the picture that you can see below. It certainly looks like she is mocking the post that Arie and Lauren shared about their baby.

Becca Kufrin Instagram Bachelorette

As you can see, this post is very similar to one that would be an announcement for a baby. She went on after that to go ahead and share the cookie recipe in her next couple of posts.

Did she get her happily ever after?

Things didn’t go well for Becca Kufrin on Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor. He did choose her in the end, but then he dumped her and went back to Lauren. It looks like Lauren and Arie got their happy ending, but did Becca get hers?

So far, it looks like Becca got her happily ever after as The Bachelorette. She ended up with Garrett Yrigoyen and these two are engaged. They even recently got their own apartment together. It does look like she is happy, but for some reason, she still felt the need to throw shade at Arie in this recent post. You have to wonder what Garrett thought of this random post that looks like it was aimed at her ex.


Were you shocked by Becca Kufrin’s post mocking Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s post? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABC. Hopefully, Hannah B will be able to find love.

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  1. Becca needs to grow up. It’s not cute or attractive to mock a happy couple that just had a child. It shows she still has jealousy. She needs to appreciate what she has now and move on.

    1. It’s too bad she felt the need to post that on her Instagram site. I like Becca but that was totally uncalled for. Let’s just be happy that they had a healthy little girl and mom and baby are doing well. Shame on you Becca.

      1. Becca needs to get over it and just move on. She’s suppose to be happy with Garrett so why should she care. Grow up!

  2. I’ll admit I’m shocked she did that. She is way better of with Garrett and really should’ve left the last in the past. I do get the hurt and anguish because of how Arie did her but am still surprised she went there.

  3. Looks like Arie made the right choice. That’s childish and uncalled for. I use to like Becca but this has made me rethink it.

  4. It’s sad that Becca felt she had to throw chocolate chip cookies at Lauren and Arie’s birth announcement. Becca’s anger is coming out; I hope it doesn’t effect her current relationship!

  5. Not surprised at all after she mentioned him in every episode of her “season”!! Continuing her “angst”!! Think he found out they weren’t suited.

  6. I actually can kind of see where Becca is coming from. Yes, she has moved on and I think she truly loves Garrett. What she went through with Arie stung and when I say stung, I mean it stung to the point she’ll have a scar forever. Maybe her post with the cookies wasn’t in the best taste, I think she did it in the heat of the moment without even thinking it through.

      1. Since , Becca’s crew has been throwing shade so to speak at Arie and Lauren (and now the baby ) for the past year which is why people are taking issue with her cookie post.

    1. I totally agree with you Darlene G.!! I never did like Arie. He seems like a weasel. Garrett is WAY better!!!

    2. Stung is downplaying it. He embarrassed her on national tv, lied and misled her, and imo cheated on her (he had to verify that Lauren would take him back before he broke off with Becca). He was the first proposal and he ruined it for her forever. You don’t get a first anything back.
      I think it was in poor taste that Arie and Lauren are constantly shoving in our faces what they are doing and what is happening in their life. I don’t care. Go be happy and leave the world out of it.
      I probably would have done the same thing Becca did. I think it’s funny.

  7. Becca: shades an innocent newborn baby
    Also Becca: why are people so mean to Garrett still? What he did was so long ago!

    She’s a fraud and a hypocrite and always has been. I NEVER liked her and I’m NOT sorry Arie dumped her for a woman who has enough class to never attack a baby.

  8. Rude, insecure, childish. Makes Becca look unstable. Garrett has some long hard thinking to do. Obviously Becca publicly let her true feelings rise to the top. I’m disappointed in Becca. I really thought she was above all that trashy crap.
    Holding on to negativity only hurts yourself both emotionally and physically.

  9. Seriously Becca, you need to grow up. Arie decided he didn’t love you. It happens, move on. Quite honestly, I can understand why. Rachel seems to be holding on to her past relationship too. What’s wrong with you girls? I’m starting to understand why you both felt the need to go on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. No one else would put up with your immaturity. It’s just sad.

  10. That is NOT Minnesota nice. Why take it out on mama and Baby it’s not their fault. I’m sure she’s angry but if Arie would have picked her then she never would have met Garrett

  11. I totally agree with that comment I just read.
    Some things were just not meant to be, everyone has moved on, hopefully Becca has aswell. She should be counting her lucky stars and enjoy the life she has with Garrett. She did say how she empathized with Arie, its obvious there is a little resentment there, if it was a dig at Arie and Lauren then she should not allow her feelings to be so public. Everyone now knows her comment was said because of jealousy

  12. I never liked Becca. I think Arie got to know her after the final rose, and discovered she was boring , unoriginal, not sophisticated, not nice and not creative.Lauren was smart,stylish creative and sweet.He got the jewel in the crown. Good for you Arie!

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