’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’: Chantel Joining Pedro In The Dominican Republic’s Not Wise

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After - Chantel

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? showed Pedro go back to the Dominican Republic and he left Chantel behind in the USA. Next thing, we saw Pedro going a bit too far with a friend of his sister. Now, Chantel’s considering joining Pedro in his country.  That really may not be a good idea according to her parents. Some fans feel Chantel talks to them too much about her marriage.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? looks bad for Pedro and Chantel

Fans of 90 Day Fiance know that Pedro and Chantel get a new spinoff soon, The Family Chantel. So, presumably, it’s not the end of their relationship just yet. However, as it stands, Pedro went back home and told Chantel not to come over. However, she feels she needs to go there to save her marriage. Of course, her parents, especially Karen think that’s the worst thing she could do. Should she pitch up unexpectedly and drop a bomb, she could face loads of hostility.

Bear in mind that “Pedro’s sister, Nicole, played a major role in the feuding that started a physical brawl at Chantel’s family’s home last year. Well, she’s still causing trouble,” according to The Hollywood Gossip. That’s obvious as she posted about Pedro being single as her friend Coraima got a bit too close to him. It sounds like Chantel could run straight into that sister and her manipulations.

Chantel plans an unannounced visit to the Dominican Republic, fans think it’s unwise

TLC show that Chantel really wants to just go and find Pedro and try to save her marriage. Meanwhile, her dad thinks things could get out of hand and she needs “security.” Karen, of course, thinks Chantel should change her bank account and contact immigration so he stays over there. In fact, she thinks he’s run away because he’s a “bigshotness” with a few American dollars in his pocket. Meanwhile, Chantel tries to excuse Pedro by saying he might struggle with the American work ethic.

Many fans of 90 Day Fiance think that if she arrives in the Dominican Republic, she’s unwise. Plus they feel she takes far too much of her marriage to her parents to make decisions for her. After all, she’s a married woman and there’s no place for everything being discussed with Mommy and Daddy. While her parents do think logically, sometimes maybe the nursing student should think for herself now and then.

Fans talk Chantel and Pedro on YouTube

Over on YouTube, lots of 90 Day Fiance fans talk about Chantel and Pedro. Here’s what some of their thoughts are:

  • @ain**: “Girl, if he wanted you there he would have brought you.”
  • @Nym**: “A PRIME example of why you don’t involve your family in your relationship, thats your personal business smh.”
  • @Sar**: “The moment you hang out your marriage’s dirty linen… Affairs of the heart… You should never tell your family about your partners flaws… NEVER.”
  • @li**: “You only let a man tell you once that he don’t want you!”
  • @Gem**: “Moral of the story, don’t marry someone abroad and don’t over involve your parent in your marriage.”

What do you think about Chantel going to the Dominican Republic? Do you think her dad’s right and she needs to be very careful? After all, Pedro’s family’s hostile. Should she make her own decisions a bit more? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Chantel is the culprit from the beginning. She lied to her parents as to why Pedro was in this country and it was only 2 days before they were to get married that she told them the real reason. She made Pedro the bad one in all of this and her mother is another piece of work. Where is she going with all those hats – is she a cowgirl? Her parents reactions are basically due to what Chantel tells them and then with all the tension everything escalates into physical fights. And then you see Chantel sitting on a chair and emoting about Pedro and her marriage. Watch her mouth – she’s acting! There really shouldn’t be a spinoff – but that’s my opinion. Actually Annie and David have turned out to be more entertaining!

  2. Pedro is a punk who needs to grow up,!!! Stop playing your video games!!! And quit pouting all the time!!! Chantel… Get rid of him

  3. Chantel, needs to leave her family out of her relationship that’s if she wants her marriage especially her mother. She needs to do whatever it may take to save her marriage at least try. People get married to someone aboard without learning their culture. I totally understand where her husband is coming from. I had to keep my family out of my relationship and it has been 7yrs and I don’t regret a moment. Until you learn the culture of a young man who is raised aboard you willl never understand.

  4. What in the world is Chantel thinking by planning to go to DR? If
    Pedro wanted her there, he would have taken her. Now is the time to get a P.I. to follow him to find out what he is doing. Let an experienced
    And Professional do the surveillance. You stay home, Chantel.

  5. Pedro family is the problem his ugly sister need a man of her own.pedro acts like a mommy and sister boy not man.chantel is beautiful she can do better. When you get married you as a man should never put your mom or sister first.That is in the bible.He also used her money to take a trip back home. He don’t need a vacation he don’t work. If a man doesn’t put food on the table then he shouldn’t eat.If she knew better she’d do better!!

  6. It’s all a scam – maybe on Chantel or maybe on the viewers! If a man is able to dip into his wife’s bank account and go on a vacation or support his family then this is clearly not a marriage. When the mother and sister of the husband are able to weigh that much influence on him – it is not a marriage. This was clearly a scam to get Pedro an American wife whereby they could conduct whatever “business” they are into. And these people are not your average “islanders”! Has anyone noticed the clothes that the mother and sister are wearing – especially the shoes the mother wore in the last episode along with her clinging tight dress to show off her ass! I can’t imagine what kind of “spinoff” TLC could possibly have in mind that would be entertaining.

    I rather watch Soap Talk with Annie & David, Alexi and Lauren, Tarik and Dean and Darcy and Stacy – Now that’s entertainment! Their comments on these idiots are priceless!

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