Pregnant Duggar Daughters Plan a Group Maternity Photo Shoot to Commemorate Family’s Baby Boom


Counting On fans everywhere, get excited! According to a recent article on Romperall of the pregnant Duggar girls are planning a group maternity photo shoot to commemorate what some are dubbing the 2019 ‘Duggar Family Baby Boom’.

While the days of 19 Kids and Counting have ended, fans of the ever-growing family continue to indulge their fascination with the clan’s newest show, Counting On. The new series documents the young married lives of some of the oldest children.

Something in the Duggar Water…

According to Romper, the family is going through quite a growth spurt at the moment — the family currently reports that five of the Duggar women are pregnant (this includes daughters and daughters-in-law.) While the family is clearly no stranger to bringing babies into the world, having 5 grandchildren come into the world in the same year is quite a momentous event for Jim-Bob and Michelle.

Commemorating the baby boom — the Duggar way

In an effort to memorialize this special time in Duggar history, the family is planning a maternity photo shoot that will feature all five of the Moms-to-be. The family is hoping that this will be a beautiful way to create a unique family keepsake and hopefully it will also be an aide to helping quell some of the rumors that there may be additional unannounced family pregnancies currently afoot.

Which Duggar girls will be in the baby boom photo shoot?

If you are a little confused as to which Duggar girls are bearing fruit this year, you are not alone. With more than a dozen girls in the immediate family (daughters-in-law not included) its easy to be a little fuzzy on the order of the birth announcements.

As of right now, there are two Duggar daughters and three daughters-in-law expecting little ones in 2019.

Jessa and husband Ben Seewald were the first couple to announce their pregnancy this year. In fact, the entire photoshoot hinges on her due date! The 26-year old Duggar daughter is giving birth to her third child this year and could go into labor any day.

Next in line is Josh Duggar’s wife Anna, who announced their upcoming addition back in April. The oldest Duggar child and spouse are expecting their sixth bundle of joy this year.

Speaking of Joy… Joy-Anna is also expecting, announcing in May that she and husband Austin will welcome their second baby this year.


Kendra Duggar and husband Joseph are expecting their second child in 2019. This birth will come less than a year after their first child born in 2018.

Lauren Duggar and her husband Josiah also announced that they are expecting the birth of their rainbow baby. The couple suffered a tragic miscarriage last year and excitedly wait to welcome their newest miracle this fall.

When can we expect to see the photos?

Because Jessa’s pregnancy is right at 38 weeks, the ladies will likely push the photoshoot to sometime this week. With Jessa due to deliver in June, waiting any longer might be risky if she wants to be pregnant in the photo.

Jessa actually told one fan on Facebook that she was concerned she might have the baby before the shoot.


“We are actually planning a sisters’ with all 5 of us due this year!!!” She commented on her recent post, “Hope I don’t go early and miss out.”

Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more breaking news and potentially photoshoot highlights as they break!

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