Lisa Vanderpump Posts Hilarious Video Of Her Dogs, Then Adds To The Funny With Quip About Ken Todd

Lisa Vanderpump: Puffy 1

Lisa Vanderpump sometimes comes across with a beautiful mix of British and American humor. In fact, sometimes her short video clips really strike the funny bones! Her latest one, posted late Sunday, May 26 is hilarious. So many fans got such a laugh out of it. But then, Lisa went a step further and added to the funny side of it with a quip about her husband Ken Todd.

Lisa Vanderpump has so many dogs, who’s who in Villa Rosa?

Sometimes, for fans of Lisa, it’s hard to know which dog is which. Giggy and Puffy are the most famous for appearances in her television shows like Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH but she has loads of others. That’s apart from the ones she mentors at Vanderpump Dogs Foundation. Luckily, about a year back, the Daily Dish posted about them.  They shared a post by Lisa that showed her dogs all in one place. Identifying all of them, they noted that “Going largest to smallest, there’s Rumpy Pumpy and Avery (the Golden Retrievers).”

Then they pointed out the “sprawled-out Schnooky (the Cocker Spaniel) and her newest dog Binky jumping up against the glass.” Additionally, Lisa has “Puffy the Pomeranian (aka Prince Harry aka Harrison) looking like he’s barking.” Also, not left out was “Pandora’s pup Darling Sabo watching the camera person intently.”  Plus they noted that “If you look extra closely, there’s a glimpse of pink behind Binky which can only be Giggy, wearing something fabulous we’re sure, and then a tiny white face in the back that seems like it’s gotta be Lollipop the Maltese.”

Hillarious video by Lisa V you can appreciate now you know which dog is which

In the hilarious video, Lisa Vanderpump’s cuddling and stroking little Puffy. She’s telling the little pooch special “Good boy” things. Then the video continues and you see another dog running up. Obvious there’s some jealousy here. Never mind the fact it ran up, jumped on the couch and started enjoying a bit of a personal rumpy humpy activity on Lisa. Meanwhile, most of us would push the dog away. Nevertheless, Lisa just laughed and endured it for a bit, noting the jealous much?

Heres what fans said about it:

  • @San**: “@lisavanderpump lol that’s hilarious and great!”
  • @hai**: “HAHAHAHAHA l laughed way too hard at this. Thanks for making me laugh while I study queen 😂💓”
  • @its**: “just lets the dog causally h*mp her lmao 😍😍😍 I LOVE U LISA.”
  • @mar**: “This is my favorite thing.”
  • @cat**: “Lisa you rule girl your the best, love your fur babies 😂😂💕💖🐾🐾”

The funny quip about Ken Todd came when someone asked if Lisa’s dogs were “fixed.” Lisa replied, “yes husband too.”

What do you think of the clip? Do you think Lisa Vanderpump’s vid was hilarious? Or, can you just not get your head around her UK-American mix of humor? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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