‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Kody Brown Date But She Seems Rather Sad, Problems With The Other Wives?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives stars Meri and Kody Brown talked about starting their relationship up again at the end of the last season. Kody looked to be in a good place about mending their relationship. However, Meri seemed a bit less enthusiastic. It came over almost as though she’s in a sad place and kind of resigned to it. She certainly seems unhappy in Flagstaff but also determined to try and make it work. Now, it looks like she may have problems with the other sister wives.

Sister Wives relationships are difficult and understandably sad at times

Part of the audience fascination with the Brown family and their polygamous lifestyle is the idea of sharing one man. Considering they manage this without violent confrontations is actually mindboggling. Somehow they make it work, but the jealousy issues always crop up. if it’s not Christine, it’s Robyn, Meri, or Janelle. For Meri, in particular, the now old catfishing scandal never really went away. Pretty much the other women were shocked and Kody backed way off her.

Trying to rebuild with Kody could take a very long time, actually. Many fans encourage her to get away from it all, but it seems she’s not really interested in that. Now, the fact that the other wives may hurt her came out in an Instagram story this week. To be honest, we don’t know if Meri spoke about her family, but it’s easy to draw the conclusion in the dynamics of the Sister Wives family.

Meri Brown’s Instagram shows she misses Las Vegas very deeply

Before the most recent season of the TLC show, Meri’s personal Instagram account showed her losing weight, exploring around, going to Chicago and looking very well. Often, she posted up positive messages showing her big smile. However, she took the account down, deeply disappointing her Sister Wives followers, and kept her LuLaroe one instead. She posts less happy pics these days and more sad messages.

In one post, Meri noted that she “had this overwhelming emotion of missing Las Vegas, the place I called home for nearly 8 years. I mean, I was really really sad for not living there anymore. So much life there, so many friends. It was home for me. I loved it.” Although she later said she could find happiness in Flagstaff, it sounds like she was trying to force herself to stay there. But now, she topped that off with a sadder Instagram Story.


Sad Instagram Story could mean Meri’s got trouble with Kody Brown’s other wives

In a story this week, Meri wrote something that may mean the other wives hurt her in some way. The Hollywood Gossip noted what came from Meri: “I wish more women realized that helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her, or sharing a resource with her, does NOT take away from the blessings coming to them. In fact, the more you give, the more you receive. Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness.”

As mentioned before, it could refer to almost anyone. However, Meri lives a complex life surrounded by other women. Often those closest are the ones who hurt us the most. For Meri’s sake, hopefully, that story is not referring to her sister wives. Lots of fans just wish Meri happiness instead of sadness. Others hope that Kody and Meri dating again brings her joy. Others think if she’s sad she should hit that road back to Vegas. What do you think?

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  1. Meri should run not walk back to Vegas or any place else she chooses. She shouldn’t stay in Flagstaff as it was selfish Kody who gave Robyn her wish to move there. Christine should be left to battle it out with Robyn as she is so besotted with Kody who is living off of all these women. Janelle seems to be smart and independent and looks like she really doesn’t need Kody either. He is just a narcissistic pig and should be left to his own devices. At this point he seems to prefer Robyn with Christine running in second place. Go Meri – live your life in happiness – you deserve better!

  2. Time Meri became her own person and left that saga,go back to Vegas,live a happy life,there are plenty of more fish in the sea,Kody is not Gods gift,leave it to the other 3 to jossle for his attention,maybe they can jossle him to the employment office,never underestimate your strenghts and talents,be independant and move on .

  3. I absolutely love Meri she has been through so much. She needs to have some time to herself. It must be hard having cameras around and your life being out there for every one to see . I think that they are all so brave and that they are good people. God bless y’all.

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