‘Counting On’: Kendra’s Happy Pregnancy Announcement Sees Joseph Duggar Under Fire

Counting On: Kendra - Joe Duggar

Counting On fans got a happy news update from Kendra and Joseph Duggar via The Duggar Family website. They announced with joy that a new baby’s on the way, noting that they love parenting. However, on Instagram, many followers saw nothing to rejoice about another pregnancy, mainly because Kendra’s still young. Joseph came under fire for using her as a “baby machine.”

Counting On family ambitions center around pregnancy which sees the Duggars under fire often

For the average family, birthing a child and falling pregnant within a year’s less common than it used to be. Back in the olden days, very little planned parenting took place. In fact, within living memory, many wives did nothing more than drop one child after another, much like Michelle Duggar. Where the Duggar family stand out these days, is that there are ways to plan parenting with contraceptives and other means. The Duggars choose not to do that. In fact, it seems the family focuses on an ambition to produce as many pregnancies as possible.

The Duggar clan often come under fire from fans, not only for their beliefs about breeding but for raising their daughters as baby machines. Now, Kendra married into the Duggar family, so presumably, she knew her fate. As much as fans of Counting On hope for a different attitude from the younger generation, it looks like Joseph’s a disappointment.  On Instagram, fans slammed him over the new baby.


Fans grow angry with Joseph Duggar as Kendra’s still young and already a second child’s on the way

As Glamour Flame notes, “It is understandable that people are furious for obvious reasons as Kendra is just 20 years old now and her first child is not even a year old yet.” However, they also mention that really, whose business is it after all? She may be young, but she’s a married woman and obviously knew the Duggar family’s take on breeding. On Instagram, a few people spoke out about there being nothing wrong with young love and growing a family. However, other Counting On followers slammed Joseph. Here’s what some of them said about it:

  • @kat**: “Are y’all pregnant again for baby #2 ???”
  • @Ros**: “Why do the Duggar’s think it’s a great idea to have kids right away? Geez I’m 19 and I would hate to be pregnant right now. Don’t they want to enjoy being a couple and enjoy being young together?😶”
  • @Dia**: “…it’s a miserable existence for a girl to go through. Thank GOD we encourage girls to get their own education, career, and life together before having children nowadays.”
  • @nss**: “So sad Spending your Youth to birth children Instead of exploring The world.”

What do you think about Kendra and Joseph Duggar already with a new pregnancy while their first child’s not even a year old yet? Do you think Kendra’s going to end up like Michelle as another baby machine? Or, do you think it’s just nobody else’s business what they do with their lives? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. So what if they are having another baby. If that’s what they want then it’s their business. I was 23 when I had my first baby and then had years of trying for my second. I had her when I was 34 and she was only 3 months old when I fell pregnant with my third. And when she was born my second had only just turned one.

    1. Having babies is what they’re gonna do. However I honestly believe they should wait at least until the first one is potty trained and sleeping in their own bed. 3 to 4 years
      . Gives the young ladies bodies a chance to recuperate…..

  2. I am so angry at the way some of you are reacting. I was a mother at 19 and my daughter was a mother at 19. I love it being young enough to enjoy my daughter and grandkids and see their accomplishment that they achieve daily. People are different and some are more mature and old enough to know what and when they want children. God bless you Kendra and Joesph. If you want a lot of children it is always good to start young. It is not up to anyone but them to decide whether they want children or not.

  3. It’s no ones business if she is having a nother baby it must of being planed i had all my children early in life they grow up with you child is a joy to have a round you they are young they love each other and they have people around them to help them its what they want so let them get on with their lives i love watching show watched duggers since old shows started 13 kids and counting all of you duggars are doing a good of being a parents loves all dont take notice of people it’s your life do what makes yours happy

  4. God bless this family and marriage. Let love live on. I have been so encouraged by the Duggar’s over the years.

  5. I had my first child at 19, I enjoyed being mom to my child. Had 2nd at 21 and 3rd at 23 and last at 34. I love being mom. I don’t care what people tell me I’m too young. Just enjoy your life what ever is.

  6. It is no one else’s business how many children they will have. God has blessed them with children. It is God’s Will. I was 23, and had four children. I still enjoyed my youth. I had my children in my life, that made it even better. Now I am enjoying my grandbabies in my life. God is great!! 💖💖💖💖

  7. I had 3 children by the age of 21. My children are 14 and 18 months apart and I wouldn’t change any part of it. My husband and I have enjoyed our children throughout our lives. I say let them live their lives.

  8. It is Their Decision When And How Many Children They want, It Takes Two To Decide. There are many Things Going on in the World That Need Attention Such Child Abuse, Homelessness, Etc.

  9. I think it’s no one business that they are having babies young. It’s their lives 2. Plus if they want kids close together that is just fine, a lot a people a have babies close together.

    1. It’s their choice, everyone needs to mind their own business and stop pushing their garbage on others. Congratulations Joe and Kendra.

  10. You who leave negative comments need to look at your lives and judge others less. Find something more constructive to do like volunteering.

  11. They are adults and don’t have to get permission to have children!! Live your life, and let them fill the backyard with little ones if they want to!!

  12. What’s wrong with these people is that they do not believe in abortion instead they believe in the beauty of life. It’s nobodies business what they do with their lives as long as they are happy

  13. My mom had five by 23. She had me at 32. We all from the same parents. I personally wouldn’t have more than what I have 2 or 3. To each his own. I think as long as they are married and feel they can handle more kids just leave them alone. She is not a baby.

    1. I believe it is their right and privilege to live their lives. Take time to enjoy just the three of you. I agree she’s young, but they’re married to each other, and not contributing to the wedlock population.

  14. I’m so sick of rhis country acting like kids are a burden and every woman wants to be some corporate executive. Stfu! This is their life. I personally think she’s too young to be married but, since she is, then why not have a family if you love kids. They are probably just going about life and having a healthy sex life. GOD is giving them the babies and they are willingly accepting, so why do they need to hate children, want to use contraception, or stop what nature intended? All I ever dreamed of was being a Mom. I never cared about a career. Sure, I got the darn career while I waited on Mr. Right. Now that I got him, I dropped that corporate career within 6 months! I can’t wait to start popping out as many babies as GOD will give us!

  15. Hello I honestly do not think that it is anyone’s business about what her age is. But I have had friends who breastfeed that did end up becoming pregnant with the second child cause with most women who breastfeed they do not have a normal cycle so she could of become pregnant as early as 4 to 6 weeks after the birth of their son but he is six months old I personally hope they are happy and have a healthy baby.

  16. I think it’s none of my business when, and how many, children they have. As long as they can care and provide for them, it’s no one else’s businesses either.

  17. I was 14 when I got married and no I was not pregnant I have been married 43yyr to the same man so I say let them live their lives and u do the same👟

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