‘NCIS’: Ziva Is Back! What We Know About Cote de Pablo’s Return

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The NCIS writers delivered what their Game of Thrones counterparts could not: A real shocking cliffhanger. NCIS brought back Ziva David! Cote de Pablo returned for the first time in six years to the CBS show. Who in the cast knew and will Ziva David be back for Season 17?

Ziva Is Back!

The NCIS Season 16 finale was one of the most spectacular endings in the history of television. In a week that saw The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones air finale shows, NCIS provided the biggest bombshell of all: Ziva David was back!

At the end of the emotional episode entitled “Daughters,” Gibbs was in his basement, working on his canoe when he heard someone return. He thought it was the ghost of his ex-wife, Diane (Melinda McGraw), who had been haunting him all episode. Instead,  Ziva David appeared, and Gibbs truly looked as if he was seeing a ghost.

As usual, Ziva cut to the chase. “Hello, Gibbs. No time for pleasantries — you’re in danger.” Ziva started walking down the stairs. “Well, aren’t you gonna say something?” Giving her a look of shock and glee, Gibbs only one had one thing to say, “Ziva.” Anyone watching this season finale scene was most likely saying that very same thing. Ziva!

Who Knew Cote de Pablo Was Returning?

The return of Ziva David was a closely held secret. According to TVLine, only the showrunners Frank Cardea and Steven D. Binder had copies of the scene pages. No one else had an inkling that she would return. Despite some foreshadowing earlier in the season, it certainly does not sound like any cast members knew Cote was returning, with the exception of Mark Harmon.

This filming was so covert, that it took place at midnight, well over an hour after the regular cast and crew left. Cote de Pablo snuck in a back door. Then, the scene with Cote and Mark was filmed with only a skeletal crew.

Will Ziva Be Back For Season 17?

As of now, Cardea and Binder released a statement that Cote de Pablo will be back for the NCIS Season 17 premiere show. Ziva needs to explain to Gibbs why his life is in danger. Will she meet anyone else on the team? Odds are no. But, we know that Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) knows her secret. Could she end up working with Ziva?

Will fans see more of Ziva David? The two showrunners are keeping their cards close to their chest, but they have revealed that “This surprise moment is just the beginning.” Does this mean more surprises or more Ziva? NCIS fans will have to wait til September to find out!

Are you thrilled that Ziva David is back on NCIS? Do you want to see her return for Season 17 on a regular basis Have you been keeping up with Cote de Pablo since her 2013 departure from NCIS? Please share your comments and predictions below. NCIS Season 17 will be returning to CBS sometime in September. Check back with TV Shows Ace for all of the latest news on Ziva and NCIS.

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    1. I always enjoyed and watched NCIS – but more so when Ziva was on. I loved her acting – and fighting. Her and Tony always had chemistry between them from day one. Hopefully we will have closure with her Tony and Talia. Did they Marry? I know it is only a TV show – but Closure is always nice. Welcome Back Ziva …. and hopefully Tony too.

  1. I really do love ❤️ the fact that Ziva is back. But how will the writers keep her. Question 1 where is her daughter? Is Tony watching her from a secured place. Why did she tell Eleanor that her family was in danger? Its going to be very interesting and is Tony making a cameo appearance? Can’t wait till September.

  2. I loved that Ziva/Cote came back!! Have been reading article about the possibility but wasn’t holding out much hope. Glad they did the right thing and brought her back. She played such a strong character and so many women looked up to her (including me!). Waiting till September is going to be excruciating….lol. ZIVA/COTE thank you for coming back.

  3. Ziva was a central part of the story line for a long time. She brought energy and “zing” to each story. SO GLAD she will be reintroduced!

  4. I’ve had this scenario written in my mind since Tony said he was taking Tali to Paris. He knew Ziva would be in the city she loved if she were still alive and hiding Thrilled with NCIS !!!

  5. I was heart broken when she left. When she left a note for Bishop but asking her to keep it a secret made me wonder if she was coming back. I thought if she was it was this season finale, but it went all the way without a hint. I was just about ready to turn it off when she made an appearance. I had tears in my eyes seeing her on NCIS once more. It would be great if she had more time on the show.

  6. Ziva use to be my favorite part of NCIS. Since she left, I haven’t watched the show. I’d LOVE her to come back. I would then start watching it again !!! So glad she didn’t die in that terror attack in her home in Israel !!

  7. Bring Ziva Back!!!! Need Toni back too!! NCIS is a great show, however I stopped racing home to watch it when Ziva and Toni left. They need Toni’s dad back too! It would be an awesome year if they do!!

  8. I say yes to all of the above – as well as bringing back Abby, more of Ducky and a miracle for Delilah!
    Love Gibbs, McGee & Vance!! Love this show so just keep it going!

  9. It was great fun to see Ms. Cote back. It also seemed as if Mark Harmon had more energy in this particular show. I hope that energy as well as the Ziva character remains. The show has been dwindling away with loss of energy for a couple years.

  10. Hell to the YES, Please…Please…Please bring Ziva back. Just for those few seconds of seeing her, my mouth dropped and hit the floor. OMG!!! Best Finale EVER!!!!………

  11. I always enjoyed and watched NCIS – but more so when Ziva was on. I loved her acting – and fighting. Her and Tony always had chemistry between them from day one. Hopefully we will have closure with her Tony and Talia. Did they Marry? I know it is only a TV show – but Closure is always nice. Welcome Back Ziva …. and hopefully Tony too. Even if it is only for a few episodes – it will be time well spent watching them…..

  12. hope she is back- she kept everyone on their toes and the bond between her and Gibbs as well as McGee and Tony- was too strong to give up hope of her returning one day.
    Thank you Cote de Pablo for the best season finale I’ve seen in a long time!!!!

  13. I am so happy she has returned. Now if only tony could come back but alas, unfortunately micheal weatherly is now bull on cbs. I would love for them to explain what is happening with her and tony. really wish micheal weatherly coluld return for one episode.

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