‘Sister Wives’: Aspyn Brown Thompson Graduates But One Mom’s Missing?

sister wives: aspyn brown thompson

Sister Wives fans know that Aspyn Brown Thompson’s married but continued her college education. In fact, she’s thrilled to announce that she graduated this weekend. Kudos to her! Proudly, she posed with Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle, Mitch, and her sisters, and others. However, sharp-eyed fans noted that one mom seemed not to be there on her proud day.

Sister Wives proud day maybe spoiled as Robyn Brown was not there

Obviously, fans of the Sister Wives show went onto Instagram to congratulate Aspyn Brown Thomspon on her achievement. When she posted up about it, she wrote, “Yesterday I graduated college!! I want to say a big thank you to my parents for encouraging me to go and helping me to start.” Aspyn added that she’s “so grateful for [her] sweet friends and[her] amazing littles who [she’s] so lucky to have.”

Of course, she also gave her husband a big shoutout, writing, “And a huge thank you to Mitch who stuck it all out with my while plans changed. I love you all so much & am beyond grateful for your love. Thanks for all the wishes to my friends here as well. Now, onto the next adventure. ☺️💕 #wedidit#graduation2019.” That’s awesome, but it seems one mom didn’t manage to make her big day.

Robyn Brown maybe stayed home to look after the kids or got ill

Over on Reddit, fans noticed that Robyn really did not seem anywhere around. However, there are other possibilities. Maybe she needed to stay home and look after her kids? After all, graduations might be proud moments for parents, but no so much fun for really littlies. Bear in mind that Robyn and Kody Brown’s youngest, Ariella Mae is just three-years-old.

Of course, some people thought there was the possibility that Robyn took the photo. We all know that sometimes it’s really difficult to get yourself in the picture if you’re the one with the camera. Plus, Robyn may have issues with her sister wives, but she seems fine with all the kids. It’s not likely she would deliberately hurt Aspyn on her special day. In fact, Aspyn herself talked about it, saying Robyn “was really sad to miss it but woke up feeling terrible. She celebrated with all of us later .”


Fans of Sister Wives congratulate Aspyn

Many people congratulated Aspyn, and others commented on Robyn’s absence. Here’s what some of them said, which got the response from Aspyn.

  • @mar**: “Someone has to watch the rest of the brood while the other moms are away! ;). Hehe.”
  • @maf**: “So glad so many of the family could be on hand to watch her graduate!! Congratulations!!!”
  • @kva**: “Beautiful family right there!!! Congratulations aspyn.”

What do you think about Robyn not making it to the graduation of Aspyn Brown Thompson? Are you glad to hear she didn’t snub her deliberately? Hopefully, whatever was wrong with Robyn is not serious. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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