‘Teen Mom 2′: CPS Takes Jenelle Evans’ Daughter Ensley

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Fans of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and David Eason know that a lot has gone down in the past couple of weeks. From David shooting the family’s dog, Nugget, to Jenelle losing her spot on Teen Mom 2, the Evans-Eason household is a bit dysfunctional at the moment.

Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mom, has requested to keep Jace away whenever David is around. Nathan Griffith, Jenelle’s ex-fiancé decided that Kaiser shouldn’t be at the Evans-Eason home as well. Child Protective Services has been investigating the home and determining what steps need to be taken next.

It’s definitely a hard time for the entire family. Jenelle had to spend Mother’s Day without two of her kids. Fans and friends of Jenelle are urging her to get out. At this point, she and David are attempting marriage counseling. On Facebook, Jenelle created a post saying that she is “so sick of this drama”. Then, she said, “Everyone wants a piece of my life… like why tho?”

Jenelle and David dodge judge’s orders

For the past couple of days, there has been some question as to whether CPS is planning on taking Maryssa and Ensley from Jenelle.

On May 14, a source spoke with Radar Online and said, “A judge ordered that ALL of the ex-Teen Mom 2 star’s children should be removed from her custody. A judge signed off on the request yesterday. It included all of the children in the home.”

When the judge ordered that Jenelle and David turn over their kids, the couple decided to hide out with the kids. They didn’t want Ensley and Maryssa to be taken away. At one point, it was unclear where the family was. Though Jenelle didn’t want to lose her kids, it was best for her to follow the judge’s orders to prevent further issues.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle’s daughters taken by CPS

Now, CPS has been able to step in. Ensley was then taken to David’s parents, according to Us Weekly. Jenelle’s stepdaughter, Maryssa, is now in the care of her maternal grandmother. Both of the girls are out of the Evans-Eason home.


Fans are very happy that CPS was able to step in and get the children out of a dangerous situation. Though Jenelle and David wanted to keep the girls, they aren’t in the right position to do so.

Since these arrangements were made, there are now no children at Jenelle and David’s home. While this is hard on them, it’s important in keeping everyone safe.

As a result of the children being taken away, Jenelle is preparing to fight CPS in court. We’ll see how far she is able to get and whether she will regain custody of her children.

What do you think of Maryssa and Ensley living with their grandparents? Do you think Jenelle and David will be able to get the girls back soon? Let us know what you think!

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