‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: One Guy Called Out on Twitter for Using Same Pick Up Concept Before

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The Bachelorette for Hannah B premiered last night and fans of the show took to Twitter to discuss it as the first episode played out. Naturally, lots of comments came out as the show progressed, but one post seemed to steal the show comments on Twitter. It came when a Twitter user dished some tea on one of Hannah B’s suitors.

The Bachelorette Suitor that got the tea dished got sent away by Hannah B

One suitor in The Bachelorette who ended up getting sent home by Hannah B was Ryan. This was really no big surprise as The Ringer noted he tried to get attention by doing a gag. Actually, all three suitors who tried that got sent home. In fact, Ryan was the first to try it by arriving on roller blades. Joe, the so-called Box King of Chicago arrived in a box and annoyed everyone with puns. Then, Matt Donald arriving on a tractor singing corny things about Old Matt Donald’s Farm saw him out the door.

Ryan, one who got some tea dished sparked loads of conversation on Twitter. In fact, what he allegedly did really ties in with his bio for the show.  E! News quoted his bio for The Bachelorette, noting he comes from Philly. Also, part of his bio involves ice cream. They wrote, “Ryan says he’s never been in love, but he’s hoping that Hannah can change that.” Plus, they mentioned that “Ryan’s favorite food is ice cream.”  Well, it seems Ryan may have used his love of ice cream as a potential “pickup” line on one Twitter user.

Twitter user mentions Ryan used ice cream as a way to ask her for a date

The Twitter user who dished the tea on Ryan got some mild scolding for putting down what seemed a very sweet approach to asking for a date. However, others decided it was corny and even “creepy.” @sammiiigurl7 posted up some old texts and a picture of Ryan. She captioned it with, “met this guy a couple months ago who asked me out in the weirdest way… turns out he’s a contestant on  tonight so uh good luck Hannah #RollerBoyRyan.”

In the messages, she inexplicably kept, the user showed how Ryan allegedly used ice cream to try and get her out on a date. We say “allegedly,” because these days it actually is possible to get some software to make what looks like text message screen caps. So, for the sake of this article, take it as all alleged, but draw your own conclusions. Actually, it’s quite possible they did meet as @sammiiigurl7 has a website that shows she too comes from Philly.  You can see screencaps of the text messages below:

The Bachelorette Ryan
Image credit – @sammiiigurl7 | Twitter

The Bachelorette fans react to the spilled tea on Ryan

A lot of fans of the show commented on the post. In fact, it became quite lively. Some of them scolded the poster, and others were simply quite funny. Here are some of them for you to read:

  • @kar**: “I feel like I am the only one that thinks this is cute.”
  • @Sni**: “He said “as the kids say these days, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit” LMAOOOO.”
  • @Kat**: “I actually thought this was clever and pretty awesome.”
  • @Pum**: “This is so extra in so many new and unpredictable ways..”
  • @Irn**: “There are way too many people who think you’re weird for finding this weird. I’m with you though. He reeks of desperation, which I suppose makes sense for someone who is trying to find love on a reality TV show…”
  • @Ton**: “How can anyone like this lol. It’s creepy as all hell.. how many times does he gotta say her name too.”
  • @Rex**: “I couldn’t even finish reading it I want to remove my eyes with a grapefruit spoon.”

What do you think about the tea dished on Ryan? Did you think it’s creepy, or just very cute and sweet? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Relative to Hanna Brown’s lst episode. Felt she ripped the guy a new ( you know what ) without even hearing his side of the story. Felt she way over reactive & now we’ve seen the other side of Beauty Queen Hanna Brown.

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