‘Teen Mom 2’: Leaks About Jenelle Evans On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ May Have Lost Her A New Gig

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 will continue without Jenelle Evans after her husband, David Eason beat her little dog Nugget almost to death and then he killed it with his shotgun. Fans of the MTV show reeled with horror at the story that emerged and petitions to MTV to remove her started up. However, just one day after MTV said they had no intention of using her in future seasons of the show, it emerged that Jenelle and David Eason may appear on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp. Now, it seems that leaks that she and David would appear on the show may have lost her their next reality TV gig.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle fired, said she will focus on family

After Teen Mom 2 long-time star Jenelle went back to David Eason after he shot her dog Nugget, US Weekly reported on her. They said that Jenelle spoke about her lost job. She said, “My mom’s upset. We spoke today…Don’t believe everything you read…Just know this isn’t the last of Jenelle Evans! I respect my fans and the network and respect their decision.”

Well, it pretty soon emerged that Jenelle need not worry too much. Apparently, she’s been in talks to film WE Tv’s Marriage Boot Camp. However, her efforts to focus on family and grab herself and David a new gig may have just fallen flat on its *ss.  According to multiple outlets, Jenelle’s been in talks prior to her firing.  But now it looks like that may be over before it began

The leaks about Marriage Boot Camp may have ended her ner new gig before it began

TMZ reported, “she’s already been approached by Marriage Boot Camp, and our sources say she and her husband, David Eason, will be doing the show.” However, since then The Ashley Reality Roundup noted something changed with WE tv. It seems that leaks about her going to the show totally canned the gig. Actually, it looks like she maybe saw the writing on the wall. The initial discussions started before way before the Teen Mom 2 firing.

According to them, “Jenelle’s camp (allegedly) leaking the story to TMZ that may have just cost them the deal!” They added, “the story about them being courted for ‘Boot Camp’ is very real. But they added, ” that nothing [was] confirmed when that story was leaked. TMZ reported that “Jenelle and David” scheduled a “meeting … with WEtv next week in New York City to discuss the deal. “However, “this is not true, at least not as of press time,” according to The Ashley’s sources.”

Jenelle Evans stalled WETv too many times ahead of Nuggets’ death

It looks like Jenelle played hardball with payments. Maybe she stalled WE tv too many times ahead of the scandal over Nugget’s death. In April, The Ashley Reality Roundup reported, “WE has been hardcore negotiating with them for the last few weeks, but Jenelle and David have already turned down three offers.” A WE tv network source told The Ashley in April 2018, “They keep saying no but WE keeps offering them more money.”

Now, Radar Online reports that “She’s trying to get more than $250,000.” That’s standard for the show, but Jenelle pushed for more. However, following the fallout from Nugget’s death, Ashley Round reported on that.

The Ashley suggests they got courted before

They suggest “last year was not the first time WE tv courted Jenelle and David to be on ‘Marriage Boot Camp.” They added, “As of press time, Jenelle and David are not officially booked onto ‘Boot Camp,'”  In fact,” the show’s producers [seem] none too happy that the story was leaked before any of the details were even discussed.”

WETV distance themselves from Jenelle Evahs and David Eason from Teen Mom 2

The Ashley added, “WEtv has released a statement, via Hollywood Life, stating that Jenelle will not appear on their show. In fact, “WE tv has no plans to cast Jenelle Evans on Marriage Boot Camp.” On Twitter, they said, “There are no plans to cast Jenelle Evans and David Eason on #MarriageBootCamp.”

So cruising on from Teen Mom 2 may not be as easy as Jenelle Evans thought. Does she just not get it? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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