‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Posts Cute Pregnancy Video

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Four of the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law are currently expecting. One of them is Jessa Duggar Seewald. Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, are expecting their third child together. The other three expectant mothers just announced their pregnancies recently.

Throughout her pregnancy, Jessa has been sharing some updates with her fans. She has seemed to be somewhat private, which could be because of a recent miscarriage in the family. Jessa’s brother, Josiah, and his wife, Lauren, shared about their miscarriage in February. Because it’s still likely a sensitive topic, Jessa may be limiting her pregnancy updates. She even posted about Lauren’s miscarriage and was very sympathetic.

Now, Jessa is sharing a new update about her pregnancy. She posted a video on Instagram on May 7. In this video, her oldest son, Spurgeon, is kissing her belly and feeling the baby move. He seems very excited. In the caption, Jessa explains, “Watching Spurgeon anticipate the arrival of his new sibling has got to be one of the sweetest parts of this pregnancy.”


Then, Jessa continues and says, “Henry will pat my belly sometimes and say ‘Baby!’ because he sees us do that, but I don’t think he truly comprehends what’s about to take place.” Henry is also seen in the video, but he doesn’t seem too interested in his new sibling. He’s more focused on playing with his monster trucks.

In the video, the baby can be seen moving and squirming in Jessa’s stomach. She says, “Totally looked like baby was responding to big bro’s sweet kiss (and little bro’s monster truck driving)!” This sweet family is looking forward to the new baby joining their family soon.

Does Jessa Duggar know the baby’s gender?

One of the biggest questions that fans have is whether Jessa and Ben know the gender of their baby. A fan asked if the couple knows what they’re having. Jessa said, “Ben and I find out the gender every time, but we keep it as our little secret and surprise the rest of the family when baby is born.”

In a comment, another fan asked if Spurgeon and Henry knew the gender as well. Jessa replied and said, “No, they don’t know the baby’s gender. That wouldn’t stay a secret very long.”

In the comments section of Jessa’s post, many fans started commenting and guessing the baby’s gender. It seems like a lot of people are expecting Jessa and Ben to have a girl after having two boys. Some are guessing that it will be a third boy though.

Everyone will find out the baby’s gender soon enough. Jessa is due on June 6 so she has less than a month to go. She will definitely share an update when the new Duggar Seewald baby arrives!

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