‘WCTH’ Returns Minus Lori Loughlin, But Did Hallmark Leave Door Open For Abigail Stanton’s Return?

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When Calls The Heart returned on Sunday without Lori Loughlin’s character Abigail Stanton. Could the way Hallmark handled Abigail’s absence open a window for Abigail Stanton’s return, possibly at a later time?

Explanation Of Abigail Stanton’s Departure

How did Hallmark choose to deal with Lori Loughlin’s WCTH character Abigail Stanton? It was done in a very calm and loving way. Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) was writing a letter to a friend about the changes in Hope City. She explained that Abigail left to go east and take care of her mother. The words in that letter must have been the cast and crew’s own message to Lori, as well as a beautiful explanation for the mayor’s abrupt departure.

“We never know how life will turn. It’s been a week since Abigail got word that her mother had taken ill back east. True to her nature, Abigail wasted no time in rushing off to take care of her. Abigail is much more than a friend. She’s family and I will miss her and Cody deeply. We all will. But we must get by as best we can. We all keep Abigail and her family in our prayers and wish her godspeed.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Cody left with Abigail, which shocked a lot of hearties. It does not appear that Cody is returning any time soon. Another shocker is that some people didn’t get the updated show. TV Shows Ace has reported that Amazon played the original episode with Lori Loughlin!

Is Door Open For Abigail Stanton’s Return?

By not killing off the character of Abigail Stanton, Hallmark has clearly left the door open for that character to return. Could they possibly bring Abigail back with a new actress? That seems possible. Yet, this is a risk. Lori Loughlin’s firing has torn hearties. Many may feel that replacing her with another actress removes any hope for Lori’s return.

Then there is the cast themselves. Fans have been able to express their grief over the firing of Lori Loughlin, but her fellow WCTH castmates have been mostly tight-lipped about it. Paul Greene has shown his support, and Jack Wagner recently revealed that this situation made him feel the “five stages of grief.”

Wagner joined WCTH because of Lori’s close friendship and help. He is also a golfing buddy with her husband Mossimo Giannulli. The actor has revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the cast began “lovingly moving ahead.” He then explained how they, as a cast, have all been “tested.”

“When a show… loses a character or something that is just such a key component to the show… you really have to kind of regroup and restructure… Ultimately it’s about how you’re going to write the show and what the attitude is going to be amongst the actors as professionals, so that’s been tested again and we all showed up, we hit our marks, and we’re trying to do our best.”


Could Lori Loughlin Return?

Lori Loughlin was close to so many on the set that it may be quite a challenge for anyone new to come in and fill her role as Abigail Stanton. But, who knows what is next. According to People, Lori has chosen to go on trial in order to preserve her reputation and to avoid jail. Who knows if things go well, Loughlin could return to Hope Valley? The way the WCTH writers have set it up, she could potentially return.

What do you think about how they wrote Lori Loughlin out the show? Do you think Abigail will eventually return to Hope Valley? Hearties, what are your predictions? Share your feelings in the comments below.

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Georgia Makitalo


  1. Maybe, maybe not. If Loughlin does 3 months or 3 years in prison she will still add felon to her resume. This is what I just read on the internet …. “Can You Enter Canada with Felony? Although the Canadian border strictly prohibits foreigners from gaining access to the country if they have a recent criminal record that equates to a hybrid or indictable offense, they are particular stringent on Americans with a felony.” … Since many if not all Hallmark productions are filmed in Canada the return of Loughlin might be out of their hands.

    Though I think prison is pointless, the FED’s and the IRS might not agree with me. If they allow her and husband to take a walk at half a million dollars in bribery, just how will they deal with those that put in much less? Since only a few parents put up that much they would have to give a free pass to almost everyone. Does anyone really think for the sake of Ms. Loughlin that is really going to happen?

  2. She did the crime she should do the time. She knew what she was doing was wrong. How can you say you are not guilty when it clear to everyone that what you did was wrong. Everyone knows bribery is wrong and paying $500,000 to get your kids in a school you know that they don’t have the grades to get in own their own is saying you know what you did was wrong.

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