Find Out How Former ‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard Is Doing In 2019

Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard with Husband Tyler Johnson Via Instagram

Emily Maynard searched for love twice on reality TV. First time was on  The Bachelor and the second time as The Bachelorette. Emily found love both times, but those relationships did not last. Finally, after years of searching, Emily is happy and in love. What has Emily been up to since her reign as The Bachelorette in 2012?

Get familiar with Emily’s backstory prior to The Bachelorette

It took Emily Maynard a long time to find a love to replace former fiance Ricky Hendrick after he died in a plane crash. Within days of his death, Emily discovered she was pregnant at age 19. She would have the baby and name their daughter Ricki after her father.

Emily made her debut on The Bachelor when she was 24. Brad Womack chose her for his final rose and also proposed. The two could not make it work and split within months of the finale. Fans loved Emily and wanted to see her happy. She got her second chance in 2012.

Emily becomes the 8th Bachelorette

Bachelor fans wanted Emily to find love. She agreed to come back to reality TV, but this time she was in charge. In the end, Emily chose Jef Holm. The two split and Emily was once again searching for love.

Once she and Jef parted ways, Emily reconnected with Tyler Johnson. The two fell in love and wed in 2014. Tyler is Emily’s true love and even shares a birthday with Emily’s former fiance, Ricky.

How is Emily in 2019?

Emily is still happy and in love with her life. She and Tyler had three boys and Emily says she would not be opposed to having a fifth child. She admitted in a recent interview with SouthPark Magazine that she loves the chaos her children bring to her life.

Emily and Tyler also try to stay out of The Bachelorette spotlight. Emily says she has not watched a season of either show since hers wrapped up. Tyler says he has never watched a single episode. While Emily tries to not stay very involved in Bachelor Nation, she does still have a strong fan base.

Emily will appear on The Bachelorette reunion

ABC will air the biggest reunion ever of former Bachelorette’s. 12 of the 14 former leads will be featured on the show, including Emily. She shared a photo on Instagram of the reunion and said, “I can’t believe it took fifteen seasons for all of the bachelorettes to get together, but when we finally did it was like we’d been best friends forever. This show is such a unique experience and I felt so honored to be included with this amazing group of women. I just wish @alabamahannah could’ve been there so I could wish her all the luck! We all need to plan a round 2 soon! Be sure to watch the reunion tonight on @bacheloretteabc.”

Don’t miss this historical Bachelorette two-hour event May 6 on ABC. Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette premieres the following Monday, May 13.

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