‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Fans Lose Patience With Geno Doak, Bombard Twitter With Advice

Mama June From Not To Hot: June - Geno

Mama June: from Not to Hot showed the family on a road trip on WE TV. They went line dancing in Tennessee and Geno Doak, her boyfriend dumped June. June’s health deteriorates and Geno does not encourage her efforts to deal with things. In fact, he belittles her in front of the kids. He ended up leaving her at a Chattanooga bar and is generally being offensive and obnoxious. Fans of the show begin to suspect it’s a lot more scripted than it was in the past. Well, for June’s sake they hope so. Geno’s becoming hard to watch and fans lose patience with him. On Twitter, they bombarded June with advice on him.

Mama June: from Not to Hot loses a lot of its ‘hotness’ with Geno Doak in it

Geno Doak seems to inject a lot of ugliness into the family of Mama June. Back when it was about ‘Honey Boo Boo’ on TV, there was a clean and attractive edge to the story. With the early series showing June smarting up and losing weight, she portrayed triumph and determination to get her life together. Now, with Sugar Bear moving on and out of June’s life, Geno’s in and it looks like he’s here to stay until he’s good and ready to go.

Fans grew concerned for Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ when they saw Geno Doak arrested. Plus, this happened more than once. Now, June’s caught up in it and got arrested in possession of drugs and paraphernalia. Doak allegedly threatened to kill her during a domestic violence issue that got called into the cops in Alabama. Now, as each episode passes, fans grow more disgusted with Geno.

Fans bombard Twitter with advice for June

Fans well-meaning, disgusted, or indifferent to the Not to Hot show (usually) took to Twitter to speak out about Geno, and offer advice and opinions. Here’s what they said following Friday night’s episode:

  • @She**: “Get Away From Him All You Need Is Your Health Family & Grandbaby.”
  • @Thor**: “Thay damn woman has lost her mind over a piece of no good [sh*t]..who put on a good front til he got in there. She is making herself look so dang stupid chasing after something that’s it there!!! SMH.”
  • @Mel**: “That 3 eyed monster Geno needs to hit the curb! June won’t be the 1st woman that let a good for nothing [P*s] make her lose everything. I just hope she gets back up for Alana’s sake! She’s done let a man get between her and her kids! Wrong way Juno!”
  • @daw**: “I feel bad for Mama June I hope she knows she doesn’t need that loser.”
  • @QJJ*: “This man disrespecting tf out of you and in front of yo offspring. Do something.”
  • @Hic**: “He’s a disgusting and gross user. @MamaJune_BooBoo was doing so well until he came into their lives.”

What do you think about Mama June and her relationship with Geno Doak? Have you lost patience with him and feel June needs more advice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I sure hope she gets her priorities straight. No man and no person would come before my kids, not even their biological father. And I sure as heck wouldn’t allow a man to treat me like garbage in front of my daughter. That’s teaching her it’s ok to let a man treat you like that.

    1. You cant make someone love you,I wouldn’t leave alana alone with him hes a smart mouth sneak,get yourself straight june,show everyone you can do it ,your kids come before any man

  2. Mama June you are being really stupid , you need to let go of Geno and focus on your family. You’ve got a beautiful grandbaby who should be your number 1 priority. Geno is making you look bad disrespecting you . You deserve a hell of alot better.

  3. June you are where a lot of women have been before. It isn’t love honey, its ABUSE. He has shown so much disrespect for you, and treated you like a complete stranger while staying in YOUR house, eating YOUR food, taking YOUR expensive trips, enjoying a life that you should be enjoying. He has stolen it all from you and you are living in misery. Wake up and fight for yourself. Let him go. There are other men out there, men that will GIVE to you not take. Geno needs help and so do you. Go get that help and leave him sitting where you found him before its to late. Your kids and grandchildren don’t deserve for a man to come in and take away everything from them and I’m sure its killing them seeing their Mom kill herself.

  4. I think that WE TV should drop filming Geno. Hes mentally abusing her and hes a dope head. Pumpkin is amazing. June obviously has no self worth….shes so wrong, shes amazing, has mastered many things most of us only dream of doing..

  5. June is worth quite a bit of money now. I think tabloids say like $2M. Geno sees a chunk of change with June. BUT I’m sure they signed a contract with Geno so he got paid for the show. June looked like a blubblering idiot chasing him in the rain and crying. He was so mean to her. When he came out of the bar and she said she was going with him and he took off running and said “ok bitch then run”. He was just mean. He has a long history of arrests, prison time and has tried to commit suicide 3 times. June told Pumpkin he had been stealing thousands of dollars from her. KICK THAT LOWLIFE TO THE CURB JUNE.

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