Anna and Josh Duggar’s Arkansas Farmhouse Is Listed At What?!

Anna and Josh Duggar from Instagram

We’re trying to let Josh Duggar rest with his name in the news lately, but we just can’t. It’s too good not to share. You know about all of his scandals, right? If not, you can read about them here. Then he was on the up and up with his self-derived fortune with the used car sales business. Recently, we discussed his $200,00 net worth. That’s pretty impressive since his fortune is not based off of the show anymore. Now, we’re celebrating the milestone of selling their first home together.

Honey, I’m Home

After a month on the market, Anna and Josh Duggar dropped the price on their Siloam Springs home by $10,000.00. You can now be the owner of this home for $289,000.00.

The former stars of 19 Kids and Counting, married in 2008 and now have five beautiful children, which could be a possible reason for putting this five bedroom home on the market. This home is full of memories according to Anna’s Instagram.

It is is where the family celebrated Josh’s 30th birthday.

Inside these walls is where their daughter Meredith helped her younger brother Mason take her first steps. Josh Duggar’s kids did a lot of growing up here.

The Details of Josh Duggar’s home

The house comes in at around 3,000 square feet. It features an open concept kitchen with bar seating and granite counter tops. From there is the family room and an adjacent formal dining room.

This quaint farmhouse sits on 2 acres of land with a large front porch and views of the national forest. It is conveniently located six miles from Wal-Mart and only 13 miles from Sam’s Club.

In the back, they are leaving the play structure that the little Duggars enjoyed while living there.

However, in this home, Anna and Josh Duggar have weathered some pretty terrible, and public, storms. They posted to their family website saying:

“For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family. Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust. We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time.”

As a part of that, they are moving from this home to start fresh and make new memories.

What’s Next?

While we don’t know what’s next for the Duggars, we do know that when we know, you can find all the details here at TV Shows Ace. As for the other Duggars, you can catch them on Mondays 9/8C on TLC’s spin-off, Counting On.

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