Is Anna Duggar Hinting At Another Duggar Pregnancy?

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In the Duggar family, there always seems to be some big news. In a family with so many people, there is always something exciting happening now. As of late, there have been a few pregnancy announcements. Just in April and the beginning of May, we have seen three.

First, Kendra and Joe made their announcement in mid-April. Then, later in April, Josh and Anna shared that they are expecting their sixth child. On May 1, Joy and Austin Forsyth announced that they are pregnant with their second child. Plus, Jessa Seewald is due very shortly. That means that four Duggars are expecting.

Right before Joy announced her pregnancy, Michelle Duggar hinted at another pregnancy in the family. When Josh and Anna shared that they are expecting, Michelle said, “We are so happy for Josh & Anna, expecting their 6th child and our 16th grandchild!” Fans quickly counted up the grandchildren in the family and the unborn ones as well, which totaled up to 15.

Once Joy shared that she is expecting, the number made more sense. It’s likely that Joy-Anna told her family before announcing it to the world. Now that fans understand why Michelle mentioned 16 grandchildren, the questions have died down.

Is Anna Duggar teasing about more Duggar babies?

Now, Anna is hinting at more possible babies being born this year or early next year. In a recent post, she shares a throwback picture of herself, Joy, and Jill Dillard all pregnant at the same time. The picture was taken when Jill was pregnant with Samuel, Joy was pregnant with Gideon, and Anna was pregnant with Mason.

In the caption, she says, “#Throwback to when Jill, Joy & I were pregnant together! Currently, there are 4 Duggar sisters/sisters-in-law that have shared expectant baby news! I wonder how many more new cousins will be announced before our little one arrives?!?”

Immediately, fans began guessing which other sister or sister-in-law could be expecting. There are a few that could be announcing a pregnancy in the near future, including Jill, Lauren, Jinger, or Abbie. Maybe somebody is already pregnant. There’s a fair chance that it could be any of the Duggars mentioned.

Some fans are also urging Anna and her sisters and sisters-in-law to recreate this cute picture soon. Since Jessa is due shortly, they don’t have a lot of time to recreate the picture of all of the pregnant Duggars. Hopefully, they will be able to do this.

Do you think that Anna is really hinting at another pregnancy? Which Duggar do you think will be next to announce a pregnancy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think Lauren and Josiah are pregnant to.. just don’t want to say anything to soon again for fear of loosing the baby.. maybe John and Abbie are to.. something is definitely in the water in Arkansas lol 🙄🙄

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