‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Denies ‘Running Away’ After David Killed Her Dog

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 is all over social media following media reports that husband David Eason, killed Jenelle Evans’ dog. Allegedly, she ran away from the house after the incident. Reportedly, this came after someone called the cops about it. However, Jenelle took to her Twitter to deny she ran away.

Teen Mom 2 fans horrified at a report that David Eason killed Jenelle Evans’ dog

Fans of Teen Mom 2 flocked to social media after they read that David Eason allegedly killed Jenelle’s dog. Radar Online reported that “she fled her rural home with her children after her husband David Eason was accused of killing her dog.” According to their report, a source said she “was in hiding after the horrific event that took place on their rural North Carolina property and sheriffs came to “The Land” to investigate.” Additionally, they suggested she “doesn’t know where to go.”

Of course, fans immediately confronted her and responded to what sounds very serious. Here’s what some of them said to Jenelle:

  • @can**: “Girl call the police and get a divorce, NOW! He is a monster. If you just ask for help, you will get it but you have to tell the truth about what he is doing.”
  • @ter**: “Please take care of you, and the kids. He’s dangerous!!!”
  • @lad**: “Open your damn eyes Jenelle. If he can do this to a small dog, who he could have easily given away if he felt it was a danger to the child. What do you think he can do to you and your kids. Open your damn eyes and put you and your kids safety first.”

Jenelle denies that she ran away from her home, says she never knew about it

After the Teen Mom 2 star started being hammered over the dog killing incident, she just wanted people to stay away from her. She posted up, “Everyone just please leave me be right now, I don’t need anymore f**king drama!” However, no way anyone would leave her alone at a time like this. In fact, recently, many followers of MTV’s show complained about her keeping animals. That prompted Jenelle to return to Twitter to talk about it a bit more.

Actually, she totally denies the headline that Radar Online wrote. Jenelle noted that she “didn’t “run away from home.” Actually, she said that she hadn’t “been home all day,” That’s because she was really busy looking after both her and the kids. She added that she had “no idea any visitors came to [her] house.” Jenelle also said that she has no idea “what happened” there.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans denies running away
Image screen cap – @PBandJenelley_1 – Twitter

Never spoke to the media about the dog or David Eason says the Teen Mom

Angry about the story, Jenelle also mentioned on her Twitter that she never spoke to any media and still has not. She then pleaded for people to “stop making up rumors.” It seems she disputes what the “source” said to Radar Online.

What do you think about Radar Online claiming that she “ran away from home” after David shot the dog? Do you think there’s any truth in the allegations? Is it possible that Jenelle Evans didn’t know what happened? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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Update: She is now saying a bit more and even talking about considering divorcing David.

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