Laura DeMasie Teases Jana Duggar About Dating

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Duggar fans know that Jana Duggar is living her life a bit differently than the rest of the family members. The main difference is that she is still waiting to get married. The 29-year-old still hasn’t tied the knot. Many of her siblings have gotten married around the age of 20 years old.

So far, it seems like it isn’t a big deal to the family that she isn’t married. She lives at home with her parents and her ten younger siblings. She’s definitely a huge help with the kids and anything the Duggars have going on. She was able to help plan family events and played a major role in planning her twin John David’s wedding.

Why isn’t she married yet?

It seems like she’s waiting for the right person to come along at the right time. In response to dating rumors in the past, she said, “I have ‘courted’ or ‘dated’ a few guys, but so far nothing has gone into a serious relationship. Just continuing to wait and pray for the right guy to come along.”

It’s likely that she will continue enjoying herself until she finds someone she truly wants to be with. She seems to love having all this free time. Rumors have begun circulating that she may be moving out. Plus, it looks like she is in the process of starting her own gardening business.

What did Lauren DeMasie say to Jana Duggar?

In a recent Instagram post, Jana shared about her love for her car. She drives a GMC Acadia. In the photo, she shows off everything that she is able to fit in her trunk. In the caption, she says, “Absolutely love that I can fit my 8ft boards, plants and more in here and it still has tons of space left!”

Her best friend and longtime Duggar family friend Lauren DeMasie left a comment on the post and said, “If you find a man you love as much as your car, marry him. #togetherforever”

Then, Jana responded and said, “haha Thanks for that advice!” and added a couple of emojis. Even Jana’s sister Jill Duggar Dillard thought this was funny and left a comment saying, “lol”.

From what we can tell, we don’t think that Jana’s friends and family typically give her a hard time about this. Hopefully, they’re understanding and respect why she wants to wait. She probably gets teased once in a while, but we doubt she lets it bother her.

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