‘Double Shot At Love’: Maria Elizondo Could Be The One For Vinny, Get To Know Her Better

Double Shot at Love: Maria Elizondo

Double Shot at Love with Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino sees Maria Elizondo and Vinny getting along just fine. MTV put out a sneak peek into the upcoming episodes that show them messing about with a football. It all goes down at a group outing and Vin says, “We connect on a really weird level like we can talk about aliens to s*x to love to basketball.” What is it that makes them bond so well? Get to know more about Maria, where to follow her and what she says about past relationships.

Double Shot at Love is not the first reality TV show for Maria Elizondo

Maria who comes from West New York, New Jersey isn’t new to reality TV and featured in Are You The One? She explained why and how she got into reality stuff on her YouTube channel. Aside from that, she’s bright, as her MTV profile points out. They note “she’s a college student who loves to nerd out on strange topics.” In fact, on her YouTube, she mentions being at school during her prior reality TV show.

Now, we hear from Vinny, as mentioned above, that they enjoy talking about a lot of things. Students generally acquire inquiring minds, so that could be at the center of this budding romance. Also, we know that Vinny said he got intimate with about 500 women and it could be as high as 1,000. This came out on the Boomer and Gio radio show on WFAN-AM. On her YouTube, Maria’s not shy to talk about sleeping with previous partners. Maybe the intellectual stuff goes hand in hand with a healthy drive.

Find Maria on Social media – YouTube

Maria runs a YouTube Channel. While it’s not overloaded with videos, she talks about how her “34-year-old-ex was the reason she applied for reality TV.” According to her, when she applied for Are You The One? she had found out the man in her life actually double-dated her and was “seeing someone else.” At the time, at 21, the 13-year difference didn’t seem a problem as he was always there for her. However, he cooled off a bit, and then she found out he cheated on her.

That came to light via her Snap-Chat when the other woman tracked her down. In a message, they said to Maria, “I am (Blank’s) girlfriend. Thank you for F**king him and ruining my life.” Anyway, the unnamed partner lied and dithered and strung her along. However, ultimately, it ended. (Maria talks…a lot!) After that, she decided she wanted something more, some excitement in her life, and that’s why she applied for reality TV.

Double Shot at Love Maria may be the girl for Vinny Guadagnino, follow her Instagram, Twitter

Possibly learning on SnapChat that public and open social media accounts really are not a good thing, she runs a private Instagram now. Nevertheless, you can request a follow over there. Once bitten twice shy, she may not accept you. However, possibly it’s worth a try as she garnered over 100k followers there.

However, her Twitter account’s quite active and it’s easy to follow her. Over there she managed 12k followers. Her latest tweets include the same teaser as MTV put out on her and Vinny.

Getting to know Maria a bit deeper shows that she seems very vivacious, very bright, and very excited about exploring relationships. What do you think about Mario Elizondo and Vinny getting along so well? Do you think this time she may find the right kind of guy? Hopefully, Vinny won’t cheat on her or call the cab too quickly. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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