‘Sister Wives’: Fans Fret Over Meri Brown At The Grand Canyon

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives latest season ended just a while back, but fans of the TLC show still stay in touch with the popular Brown family. Meri Brown often posts on her LuLaroe Instagram account and a photo she shared after Easter got fans fretting for her safety. It looks like she spent some time at the Grand Canyon, and it’s close enough to Flagstaff, Arizona to even do it as a day-trip.

Sister Wives fans love the view shown in Meri Brown’s picture

Meri took her Instagram just after Easter and shared a picture of the Grand Canyon. It really does look very stunning and people who know the area wished they could be there too. Meanwhile, others who never saw it before were amazed at how lovely it all is. Here’s what they said about it:

  • @Edi**: “So much nicer than Vegas.”
  • @Vic**: “What a beautiful scenery 😀”
  • @Ais**: “Love the view and you look amazing.”
  • @Dar**: “What a view, so glad that you are taking in the sites in your new neighborhood.”

Fans of Sister Wives fret over Meri Brown’s photo of the grand Canyon

Those fans of Sister Wives correctly noticed how lovely the scenery was. However, Meri’s caption was upbeat but got people’s attention. Meri captioned it with, “If you don’t live on the edge, you can’t see the view.” Hmmm – very true, but that raised some concerns for fans. You see, Meri really stands quite close to the edge of a steep drop-off. In fact, fresh in the minds of some people is the death reported there by the Washington Post earlier this month. In fact, they wrote, “A sightseer plunged to his death from a Grand Canyon cliff this week, bringing the park’s fatality count to three in the last eight days.”

Motivated by love and worry, fans who saw Meri standing close to the edge nicely warned her about the dangers in the Grand Canyon. Chiding her gently, here’s what they said to Meri:

  • @Mar**: “If you don’t photograph on the edge you will not fall off the cliff.”
  • @Pin**: “Don’t get too close taking a selfie! Lots of people have [gone] over the edge doing that.”
  • @Iv2**: “Nice picture Meri. Enjoy and be careful.”
  • @Mgo**: “Just don’t get too close..don’t want 2 loose U!!”


Fans already miss Meri and the show

Many fans of the show also talked about how much they miss Meri already, even though it only just ended. Certainly, it seems like the women in Kody Brown’s family are loved and adored by a huge fan base. Many of them just wish to see her looking as happy as she does in the Instagram photo.

What do you think about Meri getting a bit close to the edge at the Grand Canyon? Do think she was in danger? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

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