‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax Taylor Blames Bad Editing On Take Care Of ‘Number One’ Scene

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Vanderpump Rules Season 7, Episode 20 focused on Brittany and Jax Taylor’s engagement. In the episode, we saw Jax and Brittany’s male relatives get together for lunch. They gave Jax a hard time of it, going on about how he cheated on Brittany in the past. There’s totally a lack of trust there. Now, Jax Taylor took to Twitter and Instagram to share that his taking care of “number one” comment was a badly edited scene. He says that’s not how it really went down.

Vanderpump Rules EP 20 shows Jax Taylor saying he’s looking after ‘number one’ before Brittany

In the Vanderpump Rules show, Jax, Brittany’s brothers, and dad ended up at a meal together as they’re up from Kentucky for the engagement party. While they sat together, the men got in his face about how they feel they don’t trust him. That’s because in the past he cheated on Brittany. It seems to irk them a lot that he won’t apologize for what he’s done, Vulture reminds us. However, Jax does mention his late dad again, noting how he’s changed a lot since he passed away.

Actually, many fans agree that the sad death of Jax Taylor’s dad did make a positive change in him. Anyway, the meal goes bad when Jax comes over a bit aggressively and tells them that he will look after “number one” first before he looks out for Brittany. He adds that he loves her but maybe she should also put out a little more loving and cherishing. In fact, Jax seemed determined to push the point that he comes first in his life.

Jax Taylor feels the scene was edited to make him look bad over the ‘number one’ rant

Taking to his Twitter, Jax Taylor told fans of Vanderpump Rules that even Brittany’s dad agreed the editing twisted it all. In a long blurb, he explained how he would never be so “selfish” to put it like that. In fact, he was trying to say that if he could look after himself first, he would be mentally in a good place to look after Brittany and any kids they may have. It’s similar to flying in a plane where the parents are always told to look after themselves in an emergency first so they can take care of the kids.

Siding with Jax, a lot of people replied and said they saw straight off that obviously, Bravo edited the episode to make him look selfish and bad. Few of them believed he could be so self-centered. Some fans even agreed they hated him in Vanderpump Rules before, but he’s so positive now, they support him. In fact, this season so far portrayed Jax as mature. Well, now the season fast draws to a conclusion, suddenly there’s a black mark on Jax. Hmmmm!

Fans reply to Jax Taylor about the editing of Vanderpump Rules episode 20

A year ago, it’s unlikely you would have read so many supportive comments to Jax Jaylor. On the issue of looking after “number on” and bad editing, here’s what some fans said about it:

  • @Exc**: “There is a reason you first put the oxygen mask on yourself in an emergency. You have to be at your best to take care of others in the best way they deserve.”
  • @Coac**: “There’s only one you… it’s not called being selfish… it’s called having self love. Huge difference!”
  • @Bra**: “For once, I actually agreed with you. The first thing your kids Dr will tell you is to make sure you are ok first. You cannot care for anyone else if you are not ok. You have to be a little selfish (as a parent, it’s hard to do so). The same goes for every aspect of your life.”
  • @Fra**: “wouldn’t be the first time bravo’s editing was manipulated…your father’s death enlightened you, I was evolving so much after my father passing. You have to take care of yourself to take care of others. facts.”

What do you think about Jax Taylor saying the looking out for “number one” comment was taken out of context? Do you think the episode was edited to make him look bad? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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