‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Vanessa Cobbs Hangs With Her Sister, Dishes An Obsession

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs

Seeking Sister Wife fans know that Vanessa Cobbs married Dimitri Snowden in a special ceremony. However, she ditched them, as was seen in the Tell-All episode. Next, Vanessa popped up on her Instagram to say she arrived in Australia to spend time with her twin sister. Now, on a post about fishing, she dished on one of her obsessions.

Seeking Sister Wife fans like Vanessa Cobbs a lot

Vanessa garnered plenty of fans during the Seeking Sister Wife show this year. They felt that despite allegations of being an actress in the role of a sister wife, she came across as genuine. Even though they hoped Vanessa could live a long and happy life with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, they support her decision to leave. Over on Instagram, many followers send their best wishes to Vanessa.

Vanessa looks light-years away from all the drama of the show as she relaxes with her twin sister. Recently, Vanessa shared some photos and a small video of them out fishing at Mandurah, Australia. Fans, quick to comment, said how relaxed, slim, and happy she looked. Standing next to her twin though, many of the found it hard to tell them apart. Seeking Sister Wife fans started asking some questions and now and then Vanessa dished some answers.


Vanessa dishes on her obsession with Seeking Sister Wife fans

One thing Vanessa did talk about was the incident when Donna referenced her best friend during the reunion. Vanessa said her friend’s been her bestie since forever and “still is. ” Vanessa explained that her friend “was not throwing shade at me. Her conversation with Ashley’s two best friends during our wedding weekend got repeated back to Donna out of context.”

Anyway, another thing that Vanessa Cobbs said got a bit buried in all the chatter on her Instagram post. Luckily, we spotted it, so we can share an obsession that Vanessa has, presumably, apart from a  desire for nice big steak! In the photos that Vanessa shared, the two women wear different shirts. Fans asked where she got her shirt from, that showed a picture of space. Vanessa said she picked it up at “a gas station in Napavine, Washington” and it’s related to an obsession.

Seeking Sister Wife Vanessa and her sister – Image credit Vanessa Cobbs – Instagram

Aliens and space find a place in the obsessions of Vanessa Cobbs

Turns out that Vanessa is obsessed with aliens. In her post, she wrote, “My friend and I are obsessed with space and aliens, so she got us matching [shirts] when we stopped for gas on a road trip. It’s my favorite shirt of all time 🤗👽”

What do you think of Vanessa Cobbs revealing her obsession with aliens and space? Do you think she looks relaxed and happy in Australia? Should she worry about her obsession there? After all, lots of UFOs get reported in Australia. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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