‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Eason Won’t be Having Anymore Children After Surgery

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Eason always has a series of health problems, and is facing yet another one. Her husband shared a photo of her in a wheel chair. Apparently, the mom of three just went under a surgery that’ll keep her from having any more children.

Jenelle Evans Eason Undergoes Surgery

According to¬†InTouch, Jenelle Evans Eason’s husband shared a photo of Jenelle after she went through surgery yesterday. The Teen Mom 2 star went under tubal ligation procedure, AKA got her tubes tied. That means one thing for sure, she won’t be having anymore babies.


Jenelle had cysts on her ovaries and polyps on her uterus. Because of this, she had her left ovary removed and the right one tied. Everything else was sent off for testing. Hopefully, this will be the end of all of her health issues. Being a mom of so many children while also being in pain can’t be a good combination.

She seems to be healing well according to sources. The mom even posted selfies with her son saying that he has been the best helper for her.


Between her husband and herself, there are five children in total. It makes sense that she’s okay with having her tubes tied. She clearly loves her babies though as she posts about them all the time. They are young though and she’s always running around with them. Having no more little children will probably be a nice change for the mom. Not only that, but they also have several animals. This just adds on to the hectic household.

Jenelle Struggles on Social Media

Jenelle has been struggling on social media. She even threatens to delete her account. Just a few days ago she says everyone was mean, leading fans to believe she would delete her profile. No one worry though, her profile is still there and active. Looks like it’s just another false social media alarm.

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