‘Sister Wives’: Gabriel Brown’s Finally Smiling Again, Loving His Rescue Puppy

Sister Wives: Gabrielle Brown

Sister Wives fans felt so sorry for Gabriel Brown this season of the show. Sad, unwilling to accept the move to Flagstaff, his pain became obvious. But now we see the son of Janelle and Kody smiling again as he’s loving his new rescue puppy. Janelle took to her Instagram to share the picture of the pair starting out a new life together.

Sister Wives settle down in Flagstaff and now a new puppy joins the Brown family

In her Instagram post on Saturday night, Janelle posted a lovely picture of Gabriel smiling as he holds the new pup on his lap. Mind you, little puppy’s not looking too happy, with the kind of facial expression we saw on Gabrielle when he heard about the move from Las Vegas.  The little rescue pup can’t know yet that life could be a whole lot better than expected.

In her post, Janelle wrote, “We have officially become a two dog household 🐾. Gabe adopted this 3 month old puppy yesterday. Dog is a complete mutt – looks like lab and shepherd possibly -with other things mixed in. We got Bryn when she was 2, so having a puppy around is a bit of a new experience.#puppy #aboyandhisdog.”

Fans thrilled seeing Gabriel Brown smiling again

Seeing Gabe smiling again brought cheer to fans of Sister Wives. Here’s what some of them said about it:

  • @Jus**: “That’ll be good for him right now ❤️🙏🏼”
  • @Car**: “Great idea!! Hope that helps with the move.”
  • @Eng**: “Gabe deserves a puppy. He was so upset over the move.”
  • @Hal**: “Adorable! We have three mutt rescues that rescued our hearts! Enjoy every precious moment with the puppy and with Gabe enjoying it!”
  • @Ama**: “Oh, that’s awesome. I hope this helps his transition 💚❤️💜💙”

Many Sister Wives followers agreed that a puppy in the life of a boy brings something good to their soul. They noticed that unconditional love from dogs brings joy to the heart. Plus, adopting a rescue dog’s certainly a feel-good situation. So, Gabriel smiles, and a puppy enters a brand new life in Flagstaff with a wonderful family.


Gabriel Brown felt bad leaving Las Vegas like Paedon felt about leaving Utah

Fans of Sister Wives can recall when Gabriel’s half-brother, Paedon got so distressed about leaving Utah. When the Brown family left Utah for Las Vegas, Nevada, he was very unhappy and angry. Last year, Hollywood Life quoted him as saying, “I was very sad. I was very hurt, and I honestly thought my parents were doing this to hurt me for a long time.” Watching the current season, fans saw Gabriel going through much the same distress. That’s why they all love the idea of a puppy for him

What do you think about Gabriel Brown’s new rescue pup? Do you think that little smile on his face bodes well for the unhappy teen? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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