We May Not Know What Michael Muhney Thinks Of New Adam Newman, But Know His Mom’s Opinion

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Michael Muhney has been off of social media now for 75 days, including the recent announcement of a new Adam Newman. His last post was from a photo shoot, where his son Truman delightfully captured the attention of the photographer that was tasked to photograph the former Adam Newman. Many fans hoped that this meant that he was returning to the Young and the Restless. But, it appears that Mark Grossman will be portraying Victor Newman Junior. What does Michael Muhney think of the Adam Newman recast? We don’t know that information, but we do know what Michael’s mom thinks about it.

Michael’s Mom Angry At False Rumors That Haunt Her Son’s Reputation

Although Michael Muhney has been silent from social media, his mom has still be posting on Twitter and answering questions. Michael’s mom recently posted a retweet that obviously upset her. This was from a woman who had been direct messaged about the previous false accusations made against Michael Muhney that falsely explained his departure from Young and the Restless. The tweet also mentioned that Michael was accused of signing a non-disclosure agreement after departing from the CBS show.

Obviously furious, Michael’s mom posted that “need to see those FALSE claims in DMs so we can take legal action.” She went on to explain that Michael did not sign any sort of agreement, as he never needed to. There was never an improper incident regarding Hunter King. Michael himself had told the Peloton Brief podcast that he hired a private investigator to look into this situation. Turns out, a blogger in Florida fabricated the lies and Muhney, and his mom, have had to deal with this lie ever since.

Michael Muhney has always been open about what really happened. Muhney admits he told the powers that be that things had to change with Eric Braeden, who portrayed his father, Victor Newman. He confessed to Phil Gaimon, on the podcast, that he made a mistake, and that he was “an (expletive) idiot.” The grass had looked greener on the other side, and he quickly realized his mistake. He had tried to return to the show, and it appeared that the return was confirmed. Then, the showrunners wound up recasting Adam Newman with Justin Hartley.


What Does Michael Muhney Think Of Recast?

What does Michael Muhney, who has battled to return as the new Adam Newman think of the recast with actor Mark Grossman? We don’t know that, but when she was asked about the Adam recast that was not her son, Michael’s mom said that “I’m not upset in the least. Moved on long ago.” Fans then wanted to press on. Michael’s social media silence has made fans wonder if the actor was fine. Was he upset that he was looked over for the role, once again? When asked if the former Y&R actor was “ok,” his mom posed the question, “Why wouldn’t he be?”

While Michael’s mom and Michael Muhney are separate people, the fact that she has been able to move on could possibly be a reflection of Michael Muhney’s belief. After five years of being off of the show, fans could only hope that he has moved on and is pursing other avenues. He deserves the role, and many fans have stopped watching the show, promising only to return if he did. While his mom says she is ok about him not being recast, Michael did admit on the podcast that he would like to go back. He believes he would now be a better actor and employee. Most of all, the fans would be thrilled at his return.

Twitter Screen Shot, Michael Muhney's mom, Young and the Restless-https://twitter.com/HeelWebster/status/1111832583401144321
Twitter Screen Shot, Michael Muhney’s mom, Young and the Restless

Michael Muhney had said that his mom was a great influence on his choice of becoming an actor. He told Phil that she encouraged his “dreamer” side. She loved Alfred Hitchcock movies, which obviously left an impression on her son. Michael Muhney’s acting style shows a lot of depth and complexity. This is not unlike the characters in the movies of the late British director.


Where Has Michael Muhney Been?

Where has Michael Muhney been since his last tweet, back in January? TV Shows Ace did some snooping around the internet, and found that Michael has been hiding in plain site.  He may not be posting to social media, but he is hanging out with others who do.

Have you been following Michael Muhney since his Twitter silence? Have you been following Michael’s mom on social media? Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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  1. I think it’s shameful that she calls herself “Michael’s mom” on twitter when she has THREE kids. Like the other two are just an embarrassment to her or she wants to ride her ex-c-list-celeb son’s coat tails.
    Of course SHE believes HIM and defends him…. she only knows what HE told her.
    “His” fans may want him back but they don’t speak for the rest of the fans and MANY of us have ZERO interest in supporting nor seeing him on YR.

    1. It’s just that we all know her son Michael. We don’t know her other kids. I’m sure it wasn’t personal on her part

  2. I have never seen such support for a soap actor, and have never seen so many fans request an actor to return to a role. The fact that this is even still a hot topic speaks volumes. The only question is why did Y&R not at least address this with their fans when so many of them have been making this request for such a very long time? It all seems very strange. The fans deserve at least to be acknowledged. Sure, this doesn’t represent every single Y&R fan, but with so many of them feeling this way and expressing it for years, why hasn’t the show at least expressed something to show they care about these fans??

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