‘Counting On’ Jana Duggar, Lifetime Sister-Mom-Buddy Gardens For Entertainment

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Counting On fans know that Jana Duggar is nearly 30-years-old, unmarried, and not courting. For many fans of the TLC show, she’s their favorite because she’s serene, and cares for her siblings. These days, she also gets to care for nieces and nephews. Going back through the years, we learn that Jana, the little eldest daughter, took on mommy buddy duties at a young age. With little time to herself, is it any surprise she gardens for entertainment?

Counting On came long after Jana’s first TV show appearance

If you ever feel the urge to waste a day of your life, you could go back in time and see snippets of the life of Jana. If you don’t know, the first time she appeared on a reality TV show, it was back in 14 Children and Pregnant Again in 2004. Even though Jana, 14 at the time, took up sister-mom buddy duties back then, obviously it started when she was younger. Back then, Michelle Duggar bred and weaned babies as fast as you can chew candy at the carnival. Once weaned, the sisters mostly took over the care of the little ones.

Counting On and the Duggar Family imply that Jana Duggar’s so devoted and happy in that role that she’d rather stay right where she is: A sister and mommy to younger siblings remaining at home enjoying her gardening. However, as the eldest girl, she probably had little time to develop many outside interests as she was actually being a busy sister-mommy-buddy.


Jana gardens for entertainment after a lifetime of being a sister-mommy

In the subsequent reality TV shows, we see much the same thing for Jana Duggar. Her life seemed mainly centered around cooking, cleaning, and caring for her siblings. In various ways, through 16 Children and Moving In, Duggar’s Family Album, Duggars Make a Movie, 17 Kids and Counting, 19 Kids and Counting and now Counting On, Jana remained mommy’s little helper. The problem is, Jana’s not little anymore. She’s an adult seemingly not interested in men.

Perhaps she will fall in love and marry one day. Fans of Counting On always wish that for her. But perhaps she really just wants to be left alone. Living in the shadow of her mother all her life, surrounded by so many people, probably means she just desires seclusion. Jana comes across as a sweet girl, rather than as a grown woman. Yet, her demeanor is vaguely sad. Perhaps she resents the fact that Michelle so readily put aside her life to breed Jim Bob’s babies.  If Michelle stopped at three or four kids, what a different life she may have had.

Sister-Mommy-Buddy system turned out a mommy who never had her own kids

What do you think about Jana Duggar’s entertainment? Gardening’s something married adults and grandparents enjoy more than eligible singles. Do you think it’s sad that she’s no children of her own, but basically she’s been a mother her whole life? Do you think the Sister-Mommy-Buddy system’s unfair on the other children? Shout out your feelings in the comments below.

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