‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Week of April 8-12 Love and Other Bluffs

Young and the Restless

The dreaded JT plotline is finally over — however, the result of the murder trial impacts across Genoa City.  Victoria and Sharon remain out of sorts.  Being mired in a murder has profoundly impacted their love lives.  Special appearances will occur this week to honor Kristoff St.John including Stan Shaw. Eileen Davidson is also slated to return for this tribute. Lola and Kyle might even get a romantic moment together.

Get A Room With Lola and Kyle


Lola might have recently received a new liver but, she is back on the scene.  Spoiler clips from this week show Lola at dinner with Kyle in a sexy, strapless black number. She tells Kyle that she needs to see what they are together, eyelids heavy and chest heaving. Kyle, ever the dummy looks at her, dumbfounded.  Oh, Kyle, he’s all brawn and no brains, this is usually not something to complain about but, dude take a hint.  Kyle says,” What are you saying?” Lola replies, “I think we should get a room.”  Well, it’s about time.  Kyle had better treat her right.

Billy Loves Victoria


But does Victoria love Billy?  Billy’s feelings for Victoria have only intensified over the past weeks.  Victoria, on the other hand, has tried her best to avoid feelings.  Running off to Vegas and assuming false identities.  It is needless to say that the poor dear is shellshocked and in no position to be starting a new relationship.  Well-intentioned Billy will soon be rebuffed.

It looks like similar treatment is also in store for Rey.  Sharon has been questioning her relationship with Rey (who is also rumored to be exiting the show).  Finally, Sharon is thinking with her mind, not her reproductive organs. Rey, after all, is the guy who sold the ladies up the river and landed them with a 10-year prison sentence.  He did come through and smuggled them out when it was time for transport to the prison.  That is only to land her in a house with an abusive psycho who tried to kill her.  His track record isn’t the best; so long Rey.

Ladies Sharpen Your Claws


There is a big cat fight in store for fans this week.  It’s about time for some old fashioned insult slinging and hair pulling. The opponents are worthy of each other this time too.  Unlike the match-up between Lola and Summer a few months ago these ladies mean business.  This week, Mia and Phyllis square off.  Phyllis tries to call Mia’s bluff, believing the pregnancy is a scam.  Mia yells, “You are meatloaf and mashed potatoes and in bed by 9 PM” only to yelp and double over in pain.  This a new type of insult, even to this notably cantankerous writer.  Perhaps, she is in pain because her insult is lacking or maybe she wasn’t bluffing at all?

To hear more of Mia’s confusing turns of phrase tune in to The Young and the Restless weekdays on  CBS.

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