‘Sister Wives’: Aspyn Brown Tosses Body Shaming, Proudly Posts Body-Positive Bikini Pic

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown - Mitch Thompson

Sister Wives’ daughter Aspyn Brown’s brave, and it shows. Tossing aside any body-shaming issues, she took to Instagram to post up what she describes as a body-positive bikini picture. Actually, those people capable of posting up slim and trim photos probably never understand how hard bigger people struggle with their self-image. For those who care more about what’s inside a person, Aspyn’s admired.

Sister Wives daughter Aspyn Brown works on her body image

Like so many Sister Wives fans, Aspyn’s aware of her body image and works towards a healthy lifestyle. However, she represents so many people who struggle with the idea of a day at the beach. Larger people, even in our more enlightened times, often feel ashamed or embarrassed by their body in a swimsuit. But, thanks to Aspyn’s attitude, maybe they just found a new role model.

Taking to her Instagram, Aspyn said that it’s time for a “conversation about Body positivity.” Obviously, as she pointed out, just one post can’t cover the whole topic, but she’s determined to give “it a shot.” According to Aspyn, it’s been on her mind for a while and arose out of comments about her weight. The Sister Wives daughter of Kody Brown and Christine said that she goes to the gym. Plus, she eats well but stopped focussing only on the “weight aspect.”


Aspyn elaborates on her body-positive bikini pic

Aspyn talked about “confidence issues” over her weight but decided that starting out by being healthy helped her. Instead of worrying, she wears “bold clothing that compliments [her] figure.” She adds that she “figured out how to dress for [her] body.” On top of that, she deliberately speaks “positively” about her body, adding ” I love my body.” Instead of spending every day feeling bad about her weight, she plans to accept her “normal and stay body positive throughout [her] life.”

Aspyn mentions that she certainly doesn’t want to spend her life worrying about her weight. In fact, specifically, she mentions concern for her daughters, assuming she and Mitch end up with some. She adds that she really does hold healthy eating and activity dear, she won’t feel guilty about the odd treat. That’s why she posted the picture of her bikini swimsuit showing off her tummy and thighs.


Aspyn Brown tosses body shaming and wants others to as well

Encouraging her Sister Wives fans, she wrote, “So this is me in a swimsuit showing my off my thighs and tummy!! ☺️☀️ I have a healthy view of my body and wish the best for all of you to have the same. Please know you are all beautiful and loved no matter your looks or your size.”

She then invited her followers to tell their stories about body-positive and asked for some ideas on staying that way.  She thanked those who follow her for sharing her journey.

What do you think about Aspyn Brown tossing body-shaming and opting for a body-positive attitude?  Would you feel confident in posting a picture of yourself in a bikini swimsuit? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. I think it is great news Aspyn loves her self. I have influenced my daughter and niece by example. I am a plus sized(size 14)women that wears a bikini.

  2. I wish I looked that good in a bikini. What fat? Body positivity…I’m positive that she has a beautiful body!

    The recent Gillette razor ad featuring a true plus-sized model in a bikini has received tons of backlash. THAT’S what happens when a big girl posts a bikini pic…this photo is showing a normal-sized girl. I’ll come back when you actually show someone who is fat.

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