‘OutDaughtered’: Ahead of the Quints’ And Blayke’s Birthdays, Danielle Busby Juggles For Quiet Time

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

Outdaughtered, one of the best-loved shows on TLC, stays alive in-between seasons thanks to Danielle and Adam Busby. The couple keeps their fans updated on their blog, on their YouTube channel, and on Instagram. Now, ahead of the quints’ and Blayke’s birthdays, over the next few days, Danielle noted how busy she is. In fact, she has to juggle to fit in some quiet time.

OutDaughtered quints and Blayke celebrate birthdays close together

The quints and Blayke celebrate their birthdays just three days apart. Blayke’s is today (April 5). Back in January, TV Shows Ace reported that something special’s lined up for them this year. In fact, they featured on Food Network’s Winner Cake All. In the show, “the competition gathers a bunch of clients and the competitors bake-off in various categories to try and avoid elimination.” The Busby’s birthday cake featured in the premiere EW noted. We’re not sure who won the bake-off, but it shows the Busby’s planned something ahead of the multiple birthdays.

Here’s a cute video of the quints and Blayke with Adam Busby at their birthday two years ago:

Danielle Busby juggles her time, looking for quiet moments

Fans of OutDaughtered know that Danielle Busby’s friends with Audrey Roloff of Little People, Big World. Like her, they both practice their Christian faith. Many Christians try to find time early in their day to think about scriptures and refect. Others, not of any faith also find peace and serenity in morning meditation. Now, Danielle posted on her Instagram Stories that she struggles to find that time. In her post, she explained, how she struggles to wake herself up early enough to do it in the mornings.

However, she added that she always finds time to do at some stage of her day. In this instance, she showed a picture of the children at their “gymnastics class.” While she sat on the sidelines, she explained that “this may be the most quiet it is all day for me.” So, she managed to juggle her time to fit in her quiet time. Imagine how busy her life must be with all the little OutDaughtered girls?

Image credit | Danielle Busby | Instagram Story

Sharing the birthday of the OutDaughtered girls

Fans can only hope that whatever the Busby family plan for their daughters’ birthdays this year, that they share it with them. The show’s so well-loved because of these charming little girls, and their parents. Sometimes, it’s nice just to tune into a TLC show with more fun and less drama than others.

What do you think about Danielle juggling her time to find a quiet time ahead of the birthdays? Actually, probably every day? Could you cope with all the kids and trying to get some quiet time?

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