Spoiler: Reality Steve Reveals Hannah’s European ‘Bachelorette’ Date

The Bachelorette

Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants get the joys of going on trips all over the world where they fight for love. Hannah looks like she’s had a lot of fun already and now she’s even overseas in Europe.

Hannah B. Goes to Scotland

According to Reality Steve on Twitter, Hannah was spotted out and about on a date in Scotland. The blonde beauty was on a one on one date at the Hootananny in Inverness.

It’s still pretty unclear who the date was with or how it went. Someone on Twitter even asked Reality Steve who it was with. He didn’t give an answer. Unfortunately, he also hasn’t yet shared any photos of the date. Once he shares some we will know more about who it’s with and even maybe about how it went.

Reality Steve says that Hannah is right on schedule with other seasons. She’s on episode five with 12 men left.

Scotland isn’t the only place Hannah has gone. She was also spotted out in Boston on a one on one date. Hannah and Jed Wyatt took a trip to the Cheers Bar and Quincy market. While Boston isn’t nearly as cool as Scotland, it still sounds like a fun place to go on a date.

In all the photos and videos that were shared on Twitter, Hannah looks so happy. She’s probably even happier in Scotland (or at least she’s hopefully closer to finding true love). All the traveling is certainly a perk of being The Bachelorette.

It hasn’t been too long that she’s been searching for love, but she already has a front runner in place.

The Bachelorette Front Runner

Hannah B. has been looking for her true love for a couple weeks now. Apparently, she already has a front runner with about twelve guys left. Luke Parker is the leader of the pack right now.

It appears that Luke loves God, CrossFit and baseball. He’s pretty cute and seems like hey may be a good fit for Hannah. However, there still are several guys left so anything can happen!

Hannah grew a lot during her time on The Bachelor. Hopefully, she gets to grow even more during this show while also finding out who she’s meant to be with.

Where do you want to see The Bachelorette go on a date? Let us know your dream destination in the comments! Watch Hannah’s season starting this May!

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