Jade Tolbert, Carly Bass, and Liz Sandoz Feud Over Babes and Babies Podcast Drama

Jade Roper Tolbert with daughter from Instagram

Once close friends

The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alums Carly Bass (Waddell) and Jade Tolbert (Roper) found a lasting friendship and husbands with the franchise. The two even had babies Bella Bass and Emerson Tolbert mere months apart. While Jade Tolbert met close friend Carly during their stint on Chris Soules’s season of The Bachelor, her childhood friend, Liz Sandoz, also competed on The Bachelor for Nick Viall’s heart.

Sandoz is best known for revealing that she and Viall engaged in sexual activity prior to the show. The alleged event happened at Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding, where Liz served as the maid of honor. The three women created a podcast together called Babes and Babies. In this podcast, new mothers Carly Bass and Jade Tolbert, along with doula Liz, would discuss motherhood and caring for infants.

Trouble in Paradise

Due to their close friendship, no one was surprised when Liz asked Jade to be her maid of honor in her upcoming wedding to Vito Presta. She shared on her Instagram story that she was invited and got a box from her friend as a gift for saying yes.

Liz Sandoz and Vito Presta tied the knot in Vermont on February 23rd. Before the wedding Babes and Babies announced that the podcast was moving to a new network. Meanwhile, Liz would start her own podcast with their old network, Wave Podcast Network. The day before the wedding, Jade posted stories from her home in California, and fans began to speculate whether the maid of honor would miss the wedding. It turns out that she didn’t go.

Jade Tolbert’s Lie

Jade announced via Instagram that she was planning on attending the wedding. However, the following day, she posted a photo, announcing that she would not be present. The reality star cited her pregnancy and Tanner and Emerson’s illnesses as a reason. Check out what she had to say below.

Despite Jade’s claims that Tanner was ill, fans noted that the day after Liz’s wedding, Tanner was seen on Instagram playing tennis with other members of Bachelor Nation. Tanner and Jade both replied to doubts about the legitimacy of Jade’s excuse on the Babes and Babies Facebook page. Liz remained silent about the issue.

Jade replied explaining that Tanner was feeling better is why he went to play tennis anyway. Tanner even shared that Jade had bought a ticket but that Liz told her not to come. He also said he hoped they would all work out it out in the long run.

The Controversy Continues

Fans wondered whether Jade and Carly pushed Liz out of the podcast due to her lesser fame, or if there was something deeper going on. Backlash against the duo occurred across multiple social media platforms. Many of the comments have since been deleted, but fan speculation continued over happened behind closed doors to cause a rift between Liz and Jade.



In the wake of the all this drama, Carly Bass and Jade Tolbert unfollowed Liz on Instagram, spiking theories that their friendships may be over. Yesterday, for an unknown reason, Jade followed Liz once again. Nobody really knows what is going on.


Creating a New Podcast Without Liz

After Liz’s wedding, Carly and Jade released new promotional material for their podcast, Babes and Babies. Liz is not included in this at all.


The new podcast was supposed to debut on March 17th. Right before the launch date, Jade and Carly’s old podcast network trademarked Babes and Babies, forcing them to rebrand the podcast, Mommies Tell All.

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Meanwhile, Liz announced the launch of her podcast, Miraculous Mommies. This seems to be one that she is going to do on her own.


Bad Reviews

The first episode of Mommies Tell All dropped on March 28th and featured the mothers playing Truth or Dare with their husbands. During the episode, many fans were upset by the antics during the game, which included Evan Bass licking Carly’s feet and Tanner Tolbert showing his buttocks. Several of the reviews on iTunes voiced the listeners’ displeasure with the podcast’s premiere episode.

After receiving the negative reviews, Jade took to the Mommies Tell All Facebook page and described herself as “crushed” by the response.

Jade Roper talks from Facebook


Mommies Don’t Want To Tell All

Then, the moderators of the Facebook page posted the following warning to anyone in the Facebook group, telling members that they will be banned for taking screenshots of conversations that occur in the Facebook group and posting them elsewhere.

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Members of the Facebook group also rallied together to “lift Jade up” by giving her podcast five-star reviews.

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The posts led to complaints that she was ignoring critiques about the podcast that could help make them better. Carly lashed out at several commenters in the wake of the criticism.

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In the past few days, several members of r/thebachelor on Reddit rebelled against the Facebook moderators’ ruling, posting screenshots of these conversations from the private Mommies Tell All page. Multiple Reddit members report that the moderators tracked them down online. The moderators banned the transgressors for the behavior. One such incident’s screenshots are provided below.




Fans are outraged by what they view as “harassment” by the moderators in the group. Carly and Jade remain silent about the controversy.

Regardless of what happened between Liz and Jade, Liz looked absolutely stunning at her wedding. Hopefully, these reality stars will find a way to work it all out. Because of all of this drama, who knows what will happen with the podcasts.

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