‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Fans Slam Paige McGee Over Bad Behavior Towards Brandy

Seeking Sister Wife: Brandy

Seeking Sister Wife fans slammed Paige McGee across social media for the way she treated Brandy. The trouble with Paige is she’s on the show because she apparently wants to live in a plural family. However, it’s obvious she’s not really into it. Finally, Brandy, who seems very nice arrives on the scene. Later, we hear Paige saying to Bernie, “this is not normal, I don’t want to do this.” Some fans think she should make up her mind already. Others hate the way she took it out on a very nice person.

Seeking Sister Wife Paige McGee gets hostile about Brandy

Paige seemed very hostile to the idea of Brandy. For fan’s, it’s inexplicable that someone on the plural family show doesn’t want a sister wife. In her own words, Paige said to Bernie, “I just want a husband, wife, 2.5 kids and picket fence.” But that came after her initially saying she’s ready for another shot at finding a sister wife. So, here comes Brandy, who met them via the internet, and Paige acts like she never expected her?

Paige, totally up front, now says, “I don’t want to do this.” However, Bernie does, presumably, TLC does, and Brandy took the brunt of Paige’s anger and jealousy. Fans of Seeking Sister Wife got angry because it all turned out traumatic for Brandy. In a previous episode, we saw Brandy visit for the first time. She seemed very nice. But now, Paige has issues because Bernie wants her over for another visit. Actually, it looks like Paige gets really upset when another woman comes along. In fact, she seemed to hope that Bernie hated Brandy.


Fans slam Paige over her treatment of Brandy

It seems to Seeking Sister Wife fans that poor Brandy stood no chance. Actually, Paige seemed determined to chase her away before she even fully explored them as a couple. In fact, Bernie predicted the “ship would sink” if they both didn’t get on board. He looked sad, as he obviously liked her.

In fact, Bernie was “afraid that if Paige makes him wait too long, then Brandy will move on.” Eventually, Paige decided she needed to spend more time with Brandy to “see if [they’re] gonna pursue this any further.”  But when Brandy came back, Paige treated her awful. She was even mean to her about the way that she should fold towels.

Here’s what fans of the Seeking Sister Wife show said about it

  • @Lis**: “OMG Paige is NOT ready for this! I honestly feel bad for any woman who decides to come in that house! Paige is completely out of line thinking she is going way overboard with trying to make her comfortable in that home ..Get over yourself, lady!!”
  • @glo**: “Omg…Paige sabotaged the whole thing cause she did want this lifestyle!!! She’s trying to play the victim.”
  • @shu**: “It’s obvious Paige does not want to [live] this lifestyle. She intentionally started arguments and said enticing things so brandy would leave. They need to be off the show and bring in another couple who both want that lifestyle.”
  • @tal**: “She was so rude to brandy it’s almost like she set it up to go bad!”
  • @kim**: “can’t believe the way Paige treated Brandy on tonight’s show and then lied to her husband and trying to act like it was all Brandys fault!! That made me so freaking mad!! And btw Paige your kids are hurting because of you, not Brandy. Paige was just rude, disrespectful and all at fault. You should be ashamed!! “
  • @din**: “she shut that down almost intentionally, I felt so bad for Brandy watching this, she was so sweet to and for that family, and her daughter was just as sweet.”

Brandy seemed very hurt by Paige McGee

Brandy, like any right-thinking woman, went away, obviously hurt. Meanwhile, fans almost feel glad for her that she “got away for the time being.” They feel that Paige drove Brandy away by deliberately being as mean as she could be. It’s becoming more obvious that she really doesn’t intend sharing her husband.  If that’s the case, fans just don’t want her on the show again.

What do you think about Paige McGee behaving badly towards Brandy? Do you think she deserves being slammed for it? Have your say in the comments below.

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      1. I was thinking the same thing last night, Bernie and Brandy would make a wonderful couple and they should raise his boys wear her daughter and finally he could be a normal family because page is just bat shit crazy

      2. I’m with you!! Paige hated Brandy cause she was afraid her husband would like Brandy more!! Who wouldn’t! Brandy is lucky she got away from her!!

        1. Paige is playing her husband a d has no intention of letting another woman into her home or his life no matter what she tells him! Paige is nasty and manipulative. Brandy is a beautiful soul and made the right choice by escaping! The Mcgees are nuts, sorry for those kids.

      3. Paige is afraid thats what would happen. They shouldn’t be on the show if Paige isn’t into it.

    1. Paige needs to get off the set, she’s misleading as she’s seeking a sister wife but later says complete opposite. Why lie Paige? Leave the show for someone else who wants what the show is about. It’s VERY clear that this is not what you want and if you do change your mind AGAIN and choose to seek a sister wife, Bernie and the new sister wife will be MISERABLE!

    1. I hope TLC removes Paige from the show and somehow Bernie can pursue Brandy but then that would be a whole different show all together but Paige needs to go

  1. I don’t understand the whole thing. Bernie is just to hot to trot. If I had to guess 95% of all men would like a different woman every night. If I was Bernie’s wife I would dump him and run like hell.

    1. Paige is correct to denounce this lifestyle and to get freeloader Brandy out of the house as quickly as possible. I am skeptical of Brandy’s intentions and would love to know her background. Way to go Paige!!!

      1. Seriously??!!! Paige got on a show that is seeking a second sister wife and her behavior towards Brandy was inexcusable and I don’t care how jealous Paige might be feeling, she signed up for this or is she looking for 15 minutes of fame

  2. Paige is a jealous sociopath. Naturally, she blames everyone else for her behavior and accepts no responsibility for her own actions and behavior. Brandy got out just in time and should never go back! She would always be in danger of harm from Paige. Now we find out Paige and Bernie were arrested for felony stalking! I hope Brandy didn’t give them her address.

  3. Bernie It’s not gonna matter what woman comes , Paige is gonna sabatogue it. Wake up Bernie your wife doesn’t want this.You should have seen how Paige talked to Brandie, crazy over towel folding etc.and told her she had to do it her way. So wake up it wasn’t Brandie it was Paige.

    1. true.. but, she has good reasons to not trust her husband.. He broke all the rules they settled on together when he started looking for a second wife. That said.. Paige is very dishonest about what happened between her and Brandy. She’s also dishonest when she says she wants to live this lifestyle.. She doesn’t.

  4. Paige was an utter cow to Brandy. Maybe Bernie will figure it out when he watches the show. She doesn’t want a sister wife. There’s nothing wrong with that, but instead of being a bitch to Brandy, she should be telling Bernie she’s changed her mind about plural marriage. Brandy dodged a bullet.

    1. You are so right!!! Bernie needs to see how awful Paige was to Brandy. I think Brandy loved him and the kids and wanted this to work but Paige was having none of it. She needs to be honest and tel her husband she wants out, not drive brandy away by being mean.

  5. Brandy was incredibly kind, loving and emotionally stable.

    Paige was aggressive and did everything she could to get Brandy to leave.

    Brandy was a complete lady and never made a personal attack on Paige. Paige however, struck down Brandy’s character over and over again. I admire and respect Brandy.

  6. Paige searched the internet..found and brought Brandy into being a possible new sister wife. Paige is unstable as her sabotage of both visits showed. This last visit she started on Brandy the minute she walked through the door. If Brandy was truly welcomed by Paige as possible new wife wouldn’t you work together? Who cares about towel folding. Brandy asked nicely and Paige …. done my way. WTH? Brandy would be living in hell. I’m happy Paige showed how horrible she is inside and out. Poor me I’m the victim? Were we all watching same episode ? Run Brandy you are better than this. I don’t even think Bernie likes her yet alone love her. Rant over…

  7. I love how Paige said her kids are hurting because she allowed Brandi in… No crazy lady your kids are hurting because of you! YOU were deliberately harsh and abrasive and passive aggressive toward Brandi after you invited her to come back and visit. You called her dumb for expressing a fear of not being able to be open and honest with you out of fear of repercussions and then basically did exactly that! Wow! Also, you made it very clear to her that if she did come in to your home everything would be done your way or the highway. “You’ll just have to learn to do it by way” she’s a grown woman who’s already lived her life and has her own way of doing things. Brandi is supposed to become your sister wife and equal not your inferior which is how you treated her! Maybe if you want this, be a Godly woman you claim to be, allow your husband to lead and learn some forgiveness and humility.

  8. Paige said she didn’t want to do it and didn’t get her way so she went about ending everything with Brandy another way. But the only thing she succeeded in doing was hurting her family, treating someone very badly that did not deserve any of it, and making herself look like a real witch. Poor misunderstood Paige

  9. Paige is a liar and an minipulater. She called Brandy over with intentions on ruining their relationships. She is scum. What the hell she thought? That she can manipulate million of viewers? Brandy go get your man and then boys, take them away from that cyco. You can do it trust me. Paige needs medication.

  10. It’s very obvious that Paige is angry at:
    1. Bernie, by not listening to his wife and continually harming her by insisting they continue to search for another woman, even though Paige is OBVIOUSLY extremely hurt by this.
    2. at Herself, for betraying her own feelings by not having the backbone to stand up to Bernie and shut down the entire search once and for all.
    Sadly though, Paige turned her hurt and anger at herself and her husband toward Brandy, who was completely innocent, and was there simply because Paige chickened out by not standing up for herself and for her own needs to Bernie…
    Poor Brandy!
    She isn’t the one Paige is angry with, but it’s safe to take her anger out on Brandy because she’s a stranger and NOT her husband or herself!
    Paige has to live with her husband so she wants to maintain his approval of her and if she looks at herself, then Paige has to see the truth of her own betrayel to herself, and who wants that? So taking it out on poor Brandy, a complete stranger who’s just stuck in the middle, is the safest bet.
    The entire dynamic with the McGee family is incredibly dysfunctional and completely cringeworthy.
    I’m just mortified for their poor children, who suffer so deeply for their misguided parents’ extreme selfishness.

  11. Talk about setting everything up for failure! Paige was hostile toward Brandy from the minute she walked in the door. Gotta fold towels Paige’s way or it is the “wrong” way; load the dishwasher differently than doth Paige, she’ll come right behind you and re-load it. Paige all but told Brandy that Brandy would be the employee. Brandy made the right choice.

  12. Paige was on Straight Defense Mode Immediately. I think she invited Brandi to Deliberately End things. From the moment Brandi stepped into that house Paige was Ready to Dominate!! I think These two ( Paige & Hubby) Need to Step back and re evaluate their marriage. It’s clear these two want different things. Paige needs to be honest with herself , hurting others in this process is only leaving her with a tempered reputation!!! MEAN!!!!

  13. I totally agree with everyone about Paige. I think she invited Brandy over with the intentions of ruining it for Bernie and Brandy. Paige accomplished her goal …. Brandy deserves better.

  14. I’m surprised there is information on this couple as they both were arrested and the publications seem to have been banned about talking about them.

    This is a shipwreck of a show.

      1. Ummmm this entire polygamy search was Paige’s idea and she is the one who initiated all of it. They tell you that in the first episode when you meet the couples. So Bernie is not the bad guy here.

  15. I think Paige and Bernie are impostors and just doing the show for a paycheck. Notice the nice house and all that new furniture? They really don’t seem sincere and are stringing viewers along. They seem to be using the show as a cash cow! Paige’s insecurities and obvious self-doubt are blinking like a neon sign. Brandy was totally set up which is unfair. Glad she got out now before it was too late.

  16. You are so right!!! Bernie needs to see how awful Paige was to Brandy. I think Brandy loved him and the kids and wanted this to work but Paige was having none of it. She needs to be honest and tel her husband she wants out, not drive brandy away by being mean.

    1. All I can add is that I was stunned at the way Paige treated Brandy. Paige invited Brandy to spend the weekend yet she was rude and condescending. Brandy, you should have left that residence immediately after being treated so poorly. And darling Paige makes out as tho she is the poor victim. Grow up Paige and take the blame for your rude behaviour.

  17. Paige was terrible to Brandy. Paige ur children were hurting becuz of you not Brandy. Brandy is a nice lady an had no idea what a monster was waiting for her from the minute she walked in the door Paige was nasty to her I’d have left to. I do feel sorry for Bernie..Brandy u are the bigger an nicer person!!!

  18. Paige obviously to me does not want a sister wife. She made it clear to Brandi when she emphasized that in the hone Paige was the one to tell Brandi how to do everything and that it was Paige’s home

  19. Looks like Brandy got out just in time. Glad Paige showed her true colors now! Poor Bernie and Brandy they looked cute together. Shame on you Paige you know what you signed up for. Put your family through that your kids through that. Just for you to sabotage it on purpose.

  20. TLC needs to replace Paige & Bernie. It’s clear as day that the McGees are not meant to be on this show, let alone TV period. We will soon see Paige McGee on an episode of Snapped, the women is unstable, manipulative & plain ugly. If it weren’t for the Snowdens we would not even watch it.

  21. Brandy is an attractive lady. I hope she finds a love of her own. I feel bad for the McGee children. Paige….fold your own damn towels. I was floored at Paige’s attitude. As far as the husband, I don’t feel he is seeking a sister wife for the lifestyle of family community, but for a sexual reasons. Very sad all the way around.

  22. This jealous mental case is on this show for the money only. She has absolutely no intentions what so ever of allowing another woman into her husband’s life. She is a sorry excuse of a mother for putting her children smack into the middle of this lifestyle. Introducing a stranger into their lives, and encouraging them to bond with her, get to know her, knowing all the while she will kick this woman out of their lives when the time is right. The children were upset and crying and seemed devastated when she went off the rails in her jealous fit. She is hateful and cruel and her husband is spineless and just as much to blame as she is. He needs to grab his testicles back out of his wife’s purse and put his foot down! These two nut cases, Paige and Bernie were just arrested for stalking. What is wrong with these people?

  23. Paige is on the wrong show…. She is actually looking for “a handmaid tale” or a lady in waiting to serve her and clean her house and has never thought about whether she is even a good match for Brandy. It goes both ways… They have services for that. People who will come in twice a week and clean for you. You don’t need plural marriage for that. It broke my heart to hear how heartbroken the kids and her husband were and she seemed like she was on a completely different planet. She accepted no responsibility and then wanted to talk trash about her after she left. Glad her husband shut that down. I admired Brandy’s courage to stop aggressive and abusive users in their tracks who just wanted a free maid. I wondered if the husband would try to connect with Brandy

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