Mama June Shannon Requests Geno’s No Contact Order Lifted – TLC Revealed She’s Blind

Mama June Shannon

Mama June Shannon, mom of Honey Boo Boo and star of Not to Hot wants the court to lift boyfriend Geno’s no contact order after their recent arrest. Additionally, she wants charges of domestic violence lifted as she says she never felt afraid of him. In fact, she claims she needs Geno around. Actually, he helps look after her as she’s plagued with vision problems. TLC revealed her blindness to Daily Mail UK five years ago.

Mama June and Geno Geno Doak arrested at a gas station

Mama June and Geno Doak allegedly got into a heated argument at a gas station. When the cops arrived, both of them ended up getting arrested. It almost looked like June took the full blame for the drugs and paraphernalia found on them. Additionally, Geno’s accused of allegedly threatening June with violence.

During their time in a Macon County jail, fans grew very critical of Geno, who slapped back at them on Instagram. After their release, the couple hit up a casino, which seemed a bit odd as the court ordered him to stay away from Mama June Shannon. Now, according to a report by WBRC, June requested the judge lift the no-contact order. In fact, they say she wants the domestic violence charges lifted against him as well.

June needs Geno around, never felt threatened by violence

According to the WBRC report, June wrote about the domestic violence saying, “I [didn’t] fear for my safety nor did I want the police involved.” Actually, she admitted it got out of hand, but she never wanted him prosecuted. She also noted that she needs Geno around, writing, “Due to my disability with my vision and being partly blind, Mr. Doak helps take care of me in my daily affairs.”

Apart from that, Mama June Shannon mentioned that he also helps take care of her children. Of course, the fact that Geno’s arrest surrounded drugs and domestic violence, made fans grow concerned for the children. Actually, they speculate that June’s in a relationship that’s particularly bad for Honey Boo Boo. Nevertheless, June also wrote that Geno and her “are very much in love and working on our relationship to make us stronger as a couple.”

No contact order hard for June. TLC revealed she’s blind in 2013

Geno’s no contact order means technically he needs to stay well away from her. However, June contends she needs him as she cannot see properly. Did you know Mama June Shannon suffers a vision disability? Actually, a TLC spokesperson told the Daily Mail UK back in 2013 that she’s “legally blind as a result of childhood cataracts that were not properly treated.” They also cited the TLC spokesperson as saying, “‘She can’t have surgery because they believe it could do more harm than good.”

What do you think about June claiming her blindness means she needs Geno in her life? Do you think she’s downplaying his alleged threats of domestic violence? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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