‘Little People, Big World’: New Teaser Drops, Transitional Point In The Roloff Family

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Little People, Big World got another teaser dropped by TLC ahead of the premiere on Tuesday, April 2. It continues the theme of the Roloff family at a transitional point in their lives. The first one out showed glimpses of Amy enjoying her adventures off the farm with Chris Marek. It also showed Caryn Chandler and Matt thinking about their future. In fact, this new teaser adds a bit more along those lines. Of course, for fans, the fact it features Baby J (Jackson Roloff), is a major highlight.

Little People, Big World fans fear for the Roloff farm

Since the first teaser a couple of weeks back, fans increasingly fear the end of the Roloff Farms. Remember that this goes beyond the show, as fans also enjoy the annual Pumpkin Season. In the first teaser, Matt said to the cameras that he and Caryn “are clearing [their] own path.” He added, “I can’t let that farm…hold us back.” That brought the first hint that the farm may change hands. It’s also a major hint that this may be the last season on TLC.

Now, in the new teaser, we hear Amy saying that she’s discovered there’s a great big world and another life “out there” than she experiences on the farm. Later, Matt tells Amy straight, “I’ve got an attorney putting together an offer for you just to sell the place.”  Actually, considering both teasers show Amy having a total blast off the farm, she’s surprisingly not overjoyed to hear what Matt says. In fact, she reacts with, “sorry, what?”

Below, you can see the first teaser. The latest one is lower down in this article.

Huge transitional point for the Roloff family

Many Little People, Big World fans responded sadly on Instagram, begging them not to sell. However, although some think this is just an angle to ramp up the buzz a bit, it makes sense for them to sell. As Matt says in the second teaser, this is a major transitional period. In fact, he emphasizes that it’s “the most transitional point in the Roloff history, ever.”

In the first teaser, the message seems to be that Zach Roloff perhaps cannot deal with the farm through lack of capital. He makes a mention of two mortgages and a cash flow that’s “nil.” So, it looks like fans hoping Zach could take over the farm may not come to fruition. In fact, he says he’s “way in over [his] head.”

Amy looks happy enough with Chris to continue a life that’s free of the farm, and Matt and Caryn look to perhaps marry and make a new life. Jeremy, Audrey, Jacob, and Molly all left the show already. Perhaps Matt Roloff realizes that “when the salt has lost its flavor, it ain’t much in its favor,” is a truism from Sunday School.


Jackson, Tori and Zach the one bright spot in the teasers

Whether you are an Amy or a Matt fan of Little People Big World, one aspect everyone seems to love is Jackson. The cute little fellow won so many hearts already. In fact, going through the many comments on social media, many fans hope they keep the farm for Jackson. Others hope that Tori and Zach get a spinoff of their own if the show ends. The upcoming season may show the adults clashing, but it also brings the innocence of that gorgeous little boy. Fans can only hope that they get to see more of Jackson in years to come.

What do you think about the new teaser from TLC? Do you think it adds more fuel to fire that the Roloff’s may really sell the farm? Does the huge transitional point in the family make it inevitable that the show’s coming to an end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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