Ratings Drop Could Cause ‘Sister Wives’ to Be Canceled

Sister Wives: Season 13

Sister Wives show arrived in 2010 and old rating charts show they drew in a whopping audience. TV By the Numbers showed that the “series…posted strong double and triple-digit gains in all key demos.” Plus, it also “ranked as the #2 ad-supported cable network in W25-54, W18-49 and W18-34.”  Fascinated at the polygamist lifestyle, many people tuned in to watch the show. However, the numbers of viewers dropped and many TLC fans think Season 13’s boring.

Sister Wives popularity waning with fans

Since the heydays of the Brown family, viewer numbers dropped. In fact, many of the Sister Wives fans were a bit surprised when TLC announced a renewal in March last year. The Ashleys Reality Roundup noted that rumors of a permanent cancellation did the internet rounds. At the time, TLC announced, “We’ve followed the Browns through plenty of ups and downs, but their story is far from over. ”

That may arise from the fact that the premiere in May 2016 got a huge viewership of 2.2 million. However, many fans think the show’s getting boring. In our current Season 13 of Sister Wives, the revisitation of Meri Brown’s catfishing incident saw many fans complaining. They argued that they were sick of it and also, they were tired of Meri playing the “victim” all the time.

Season 12 was allegedly negotiated by Kody Brown

According to Life & Style magazine, Season 11 of Sister Wives brought in disappointing ratings, and they suggested Kody Brown renegotiated for a new season. After dropping salaries drastically, an insider told them that “Kody can kiss any hope of a Season 13 goodbye.” Well, that was either wrong info or Kody Brown has amazing negotiating skills. Season 13 currently airs in the usual Sunday night slot. In late February, the show got 1.26 million viewers but it did climb a bit in early March with 1.5 million. However, that’s a million viewers less than their glory days that peaked at 2.5 million.

Many fans of Sister Wives think that the take on Meri’s annoying. If she’s not harping on about the catfishing, she’s crying a lot. Plus, as social media shows, in real life on her Instagram, she’s bright, breezy and positive. In fact, fans hoped to see a stronger woman with a lot of personal growth. Instead, we see Meri weepy most of the time or being portrayed as a square peg in a round hole within the family dynamics. Also, fans grow bored with discussions about financial hardship.

Fans growing bored with Sister Wives

With no official poll, it’s obvious many fans of Sister Wives grow bored. Here’s what some of them said about this season on Twitter:

  • @Samm***: “While they start on a repeating, boring topic, I’ll just read the tweets. #sisterwives.”
  • @Dia**: “Could this show be any more boring….#sisterwives.”
  • @Bitt**: “Sister wives is boring, the catfish drama is very old news and we didn’t care then so even less so now.”

This season, one of the few interesting highlights seems to be the wedding of Aspyn and Mitch. That made for a laugh as the ladies wore some extraordinary hats and Kody Brown looked out of place with a slightly-too-short kilt. Really, is that a pinnacle of the heights of this reality TV show?  Maybe the family’s just too ‘normal’ these days. They have no Josh Duggar scandal to keep the tabloids hot-wired, after all.

Nevertheless, they still rank inside the top 20 of Sunday night viewing. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Brown family, you can still hope for more seasons to come. What do you think about the current season? Do you think it’s boring and can Kody Brown pull in a season 14 with TLC? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I have watched Sister Wives since their first episode. I find it very interesting this year but also sad for the older children who are in high school and have to move again. Meri is making headway with her B&B and her clothing line. I feel proud of her for making progress in her life as I feel Kody did her wrong. The family has raised wonderful children so they should be praised for that. I like all the wives. I am hoping TLC will continue to carry this show as I look forward to watching it each Sunday.

  2. I’ve watched since Season 1. The first seasons were interesting, but soon, in my opinion, this family just became a spectacle. My interest waned, but I kept watching in the hopes that things will get better. The past two or three seasons are terrible, with this season as the worst. It seems they are doing things just to try and keep the ratings up, but it is doing the opposite. I will not be watching anymore. They were selling their houses because it is a prime time to sell, but they discover that buying in AZ will be more expensive for smaller homes. Makes no sense. Initially no one but Kody wanted to move, but his wives soon blindly follow, completely disregarding children’s pleas to stay, and disregarding the financial implications of the move. Ugh, I’m done.

  3. I think that the move could bring lots of interesting developments. How all the families interact and Kody being in each of his kids. I just started watching this year and find it interesting.

  4. I enjoy the show and would be disappointed if the show ends. I love the weddings. I would like to see how the children adjust to the move. I liked the scenes with their therapist too.

  5. I think Kody has made it clear he is going to abandon the older wife’s as he finds new ones.Look how fast he abandoned his relationship with MARI AND HAD NO PROMBLEM pushing her aside and then ran his mouth about it.is that what being palygamist means putting the older wife out to pasture ?What about that tight knit family you speak of?

  6. Kody needs to get a hair restyle. So sick of his male chauvanistic looks and ways. Meri needs to cheer up. Life is too troublesome every day so who would want to tune into a show and listen to Meri whining about no one understands or accepts her. As for Kody, he needs to do something soon regarding his nasty appearance.
    At this rate I would not be upset if they cancelled it and I have watched since the beginning. Seeking Sister Wives is much more entertaining than this trainwreck of a show.

  7. I love the show an am a big fan of the show .please don’t take the show off ,I wait from week to week to watch it.I can take the good with the bad am go on with it lol.meri you are the best yes!

  8. Watched the show since it debuted. The last couple of years was somewhat waning. The current season with the integration of the marriages, watching the little ones grow as well as the positive changes in the dynamics of the wives is refreshing. I dearly love Truely. She is darling. Hope the tweaks have boosted the ratings for another year.

  9. I have watched the show from the beginning and I still love watching it. I have sat here and cheered for Meri as she dealt with the catfish situation, and have railed at Kody for being an ass towards his first wife. I have enjoyed watching the children grow up and get married. Now I want to see what happens that they’ve moved to Arizona. Please, don’t cancel the show.

  10. I have watched since the beginning and love Sister Wives!! I’m so interested in finding out what happens now that the family has moved to Flagstaff, how they are adjusting to living apart and what the status is on their new property. I feel like after maybe a little lull, things are getting interesting again! Really hoping we get a Season 14!!

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