‘RHOBH’: Lisa Vanderpump Encourages Traumatized Fans To Keep Watching The Show

RHOBH: Lisa Vanderpump

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump (LVP)  fans seem more distraught as each episode of the Bravo show goes by this season. The reality TV show managed to drum up so much drama it has to be good for the ratings. However, many LPV fans actually seem traumatized by the women ganging up against her and some of them can’t bring themselves to watch anymore. In response to some tweets, Lisa told them to continue watching. It looks like things might work out in Lisa’s favor, or fans hope, anyway.

RHOBH’s Team Lisa back their girl but it’s hard to watch

Most people understand that reality TV shows need an angle to stay relevant and interesting. However, this season fans saw Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp, Dorit, Lisa Rinna, and the rest of them turn on Lisa in an epic cat-fight that’s getting downright dirty. In fact, Bravo’s take on the puppy scandal in this season of RHOBH seems to have traumatized many of LVP’s followers.

On Saturday, March 23, Lisa took her Twitter to write, “A famous face every day will walk thru the door of r restaurants, but no stories in the press or paps called. But I sell stories about dogs.” This, of course, is in retaliation to the allegation she deliberately sold off the story about Dorit’s dog that she adopted which ended up given away and ending up in a rescue shelter. Incidentally, It’s not the first time that Lisa mentioned that she could sell plenty of gossip to the media, but doesn’t.

Traumatized fans react to Lisa Vanderpump tweet

After Lisa tweeted about the allegations that she would sell stories about dogs, one RHOBH fan replied. They said they “stopped watching and won’t be ever again. It’s now a witch hunt. Team LVP.” Lisa responded, telling them, “no watch and you will see…” That started a conversation that exposed just how traumatized some Team LVP fans are. Here’s what a few of them said about it:

  • @Col**: “Its really hard to watch It’s so sad how vile & hateful these women are. I don’t know how you went through all this & still stayed strong!!”
  • @Le**: “So hard broken for you this season Lisa. It is horrible to watch #RHOBH and those crazy jealous women don’t have limits and poor lucy. SMH Horrible season with horrible women. I love you Lisa.”
  • @Jo**: “No LVP, No RHOBH. I’ve cried through the abuse that has been thrown at you this season. I cannot fathom the fact that women you have been good to would do this to you. What Kyle did to you & Ken is unforgivable. You have beauty & grace and you’re an angel to animals & we [love] you.”
  • @Cel**: “I couldn’t take them hurting you Lisa it was too much I stopped too and am only waiting to see you tell Dorit off if you leave I’m doing for good.”

Fans watching the show hope Lisa has an ace up her sleeve

Thanks to Lisa encouraging her fans to keep watching as they “will see,” made some think that Lisa may draw an ace out of her sleeve. Perhaps vindication comes in the end, or so fans hope. Mind you, as some fans noted, the extreme cattiness by the majority of the women in the cast put them off the show.

What do you think about the fact that the cast’s been so horrid to Lisa Vanderpump that some followers actually sound traumatized? They’ve been crying and breaking their hearts for her. Some of them grow afraid to watch the Tell-All. If she stays away, they fear a shredding. Others feel Lisa’s above needing to justify and explain to a bunch of nasties, and hope she stays away from it.

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  1. To watch a bunch of low life women come for a person of Lisa Vanderpumps character is obscene in every aspect. These other women care for nothing but fancy clothes cars homes and always trying to one up the other but what do they do to help the helpless, who uses their own money to fight to stop the torture and deaths of dogs around the world, NONE OF THEM, they are not worth watching and several have been on far past their time to quit as they bring nothing to the show. When you breakdown the women who cares about anything but themselves you come up with one name over and over and that’s Lisa Vanderpump. Dorit is a deplorable human being for what she did to that puppy and the rest with a few exceptions seem not to care for the terrible thing Dorit did only that it got out which it should have, she did a terrible thing and people need to know who she really is and not the fake rich classy woman she portrays, she’s a phone alone with most of the others and don’t even come close to Lisa Vanderpums status as a woman of class and a heart that hurts when she sees any animal being abused, so do us a favor and remove the trash that’s now on there and bring in some new women who have real class and not just posers.

  2. Oh, please. She’s a master manipulator and loves to play the victim. I wouldn’t miss her pretentious azz if I never saw her again!

    1. IKR?! I find her so annoying and don’t see why she is so revered by so many-the money? She’s a nightmare on Vanderpump Rules, gawd yes, I got hooked on that one, too, and she continues to employ and support James, who is constantly having drunken meltdowns and fat and slut shaming the women on the show. SMH Maybe it’s time for me to find another trashy show…

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