‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s On Her Way To North Carolina To See Axel

Janelle Brown sister wives

Sister Wives fans know that Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb moved to North Carolina. Obviously, as that meant Janelle’s Brown’s grandson, Axel also moved, it was hard for her to deal with. On top of that, TV Shows Ace reported that Maddie’s expecting again. Now, Janelle took to her Instagram to say she’s excited to go and visit Axel soon.

Sister Wives moved to Flagstaff but older kids make their own lives

Not all the family moved to Flagstaff, although the entire family got involved in the decision. Actually, Caleb moved to N.C through employment and that took Maddie and Axel thousands of miles away from grandmother Janelle. Janelle last visited in February and at the time, she said to Sister Wives fans when she left, “I left a little piece of my heart.”

Anyway, this time she managed to get away as she says they swapped grandmothers. Actually, she termed it Operation Grandma Swap. Her Mum’s going to be in Flagstaff looking after the family that side while she’s away in North Carolina. In fact, it’s not for too long, as Janelle explained that her visit’s about a week long.

Janelle Brown accepts the move to North Carolina

In her Instagram post on Thursday (March 21), Janelle mentioned that the kids grow up and move away. However,  she noted that the reward is the grandchild. Traveling around a bit makes her feel 21-years-old again. Plus, being with the little ones also keeps us feeling young.

Fans of Sister Wives shared in Janelle’s joy when she announced her next meet-up with little Axel. In fact, many of them, grandparents themselves, agree that grandchildren bring so many blessings. Others noticed how well Janelle looks, describing her as “positively glowing.” Happiness and grandchildren do that to people, and it’s lovely to see.


Axel the only grandchild so far

Axel, so far, is the only grandchild so obviously, the entire Sister Wives family love him. With another baby on the way, Janelle probably hopes to get to North Carolina a bit more often in the future. It seems that Aspyn Brown’s not rushing to become a mother and last year’s rumors of  Mykelti being pregnant fizzled out. Certainly, it looks like unless they adopt or obtain a donor, Audrey and Mariah won’t add to the Browns’ brood of grandchildren.

Obviously, as Axel’s the son of Kody and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, for Janelle, he brings loads of warmth and sunshine into her life right now.

What do you think about Janelle Brown traveling so far to visit Axel? Would you regularly go any distance as often as you could to see your grandchild? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Oh yes My Son And Daughter-in-law we’re in the Airforce in Tacoma Washington.I was on a plane 5 1/2 hours one way.Loved every minute of the travel.One Trip I flew 5 1/2 hours out there got off the plane picked her up got back on another plane came 51/2 back home when my Daughter-in-law had to leave for Desert Shielded.When it is your grandchildren it doesn’t matter how far you go it is the leaving them that breaks your heart.❤️Enjoy them when they are little they grow up so fast.My Grandaughter was known as the road baby.I travel everywhere to get her.when she was a baby she had a standing slot at the day care where I worked.when her mother and dad was at Myrtle Beach in the Airforce She was with me every other week.Now she is 29 years old,and she make sure she takes care of me NANA.The love of my life.

  2. Since 2007 I have traveled from Illinois to Texas to see my son. Then in 2014 and 2018 we were blessed 2 grandchildren. I have not had a “vacation” as all my time is used to go to Texas. My heart was left in Texas years ago. I go as often as time and money is available. 2 to 3 trips a year. Being a Mom and a Mamaw is what I have been Blessed by God to be.

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