‘RHOBH’: Kyle Richards Denies Orchestrating Puppygate With Teddi Mellencamp

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RHOBH fans are pretty much sick and tired of the “puppygate” storyline of the show this season. However, a Twitter poll about Kyle Richards seems very popular. Copied in on it, Kyle Richards responded to the poll by denying she orchestrated the drama with Teddi Mellencamp.

RHOBH fans think Kyle Richard’s orchestrated Puppygate

If you missed any of the drama on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, here’s a short recap of the “puppygate” hysteria. The season started out showing Dorit Kemsley adopting a dog from Vanderpump Dogs.  Later, she said it bit and nipped the kids and hubby so she found another home for it. Little Lucy Apple Juicy apparently failed to appeal to the new owners and ended up back in a shelter. Of course, Lisa Vanderpump’s (LVP) rescue dog center was notified and the scandal began. Oh, yes since then another dog got mentioned.

A flurry of texts began by all and sundry in the RHOBH cast with Teddi Mellencamp leading the way, drawing in Kyle Richards, Lisa’s husband, Dorit, the whole bag of them. Accusations against LVP leaking the story and an employee’s involvement rocketed. Anyway, the show’s made for drama and this season seems to deliver that big time. Fans wonder who started it all off, who orchestrated it, and more. On Twitter, many fans think Kyle did orchestrate the ‘puppygate’ scandal.

Twitter poll on Teddi Mellencamp and Kyle

The poll on Twitter, which still runs asks if Kyle and Teddi ‘”orchestrated” things!” Judging from the comments, many fans believe this to be true. Obviously, other divergent beliefs arise, with some suggesting Lisa Rinna played her part, and others suggesting Teddi went and started it by herself. Others just wish the whole thing would go away and they don’t care, pointing out it’s like watching a bunch of teens in a cat fight.

Fans of RHOBH who think Kyle and Teddi were behind it all, explained why they felt that way. Some things they mentioned were:

  • @blu*: “Teddi and Kyle both hate Dorit so decided to take her down using the puppy. They wanted LVP to join in and when she didn’t, they decided to take LVP down instead. They dragged in Rinna, Erica and anyone else they could think of – Nene – but the whole shit show backfired. Simple.”
  • @J*: “Kyle knew if Teddi and LVP became close she would fit in nowhere on #RHOBH so if you ask me Kyle is the main #RHOBHMeanGirl.”
  • @Bin*: “@KyleRichards is the master manipulator and queen of passive aggressiveness. Own it girl!”

Kyle Richards reacts, denying orchestrating anything with Mellencamp

In response to the poll, Kyle reacted strongly, saying, “I did not orchestrate anything. I didn’t even know who the dog was. Never saw her or heard about her before that day.”

Again, the anti-Kyle sentiments came up from those who think she did pursue “puppygate,” at least after it all blew up. One RHOBH commenter said, “U may not have heard about her b4 but have since made it your mission 2 be involved. You don’t know how to stay neutral between friends issues. U threw one friend aside who was grieving & chose 2 be a part of a gang up over social media to a friend of many years. Not a good look.”

What do you think about the poll asking if people think Kyle Richards orchestrated “puppygate” with Teddi Mellencamp? Do you think she did? Or, do you think Kyle just hopped on a bus that already started rolling against LVP? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I definitely think Kyle wanted Lisa V to look bad. She may not have known anything about the dog that 1st day of filming but she didn’t like that Lisa was defending Dorit so she went on a mission to be sure the others heard about it, especially Lisa Rinna because she knew how LR would react. I was appalled when LVP was pouring her heart out to Kyle about her brother but all Kyle was focused on was letting LR know there was a secret. Then she told Teddi people were talking about it but really she was the only one talking about it. Also very fishy how Kyle said she already read all of Teddi’s texts with Blizzard so she knew Teddi omitted things but didn’t care (and when did that even happen -sounds like off camera where Kyle was helping Teddi spins things back on LVP). I think Teddi is an idiot believe she was given direct orders when she never actually spoke with Lisa about it or any “plan”. The fans do not like Teddi – she needs to go!

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