Former ‘Big Brother’ Couple Welcome New Baby After Emergency C-Section

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Former Big Brother couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf have welcomed their first baby into the world. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing as the baby had to be delivered by emergency c-section.

Big Brother Couple Welcomes a Baby Girl

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf fell in love a few seasons ago on Big Brother. The two were a major showmance and even went on to win The Amazing Race. Their romance has lasted long enough for them to get married and welcome their new baby girl into the world.

Maverick Nickson was born a month early this past weekend on St. Patrick’s Day, however, it was a scary situation leading to her birth according to toofab.

Apparently, Jessica wasn’t feeling good all day on Sunday. Later, when she took a blood pressure test, the results were approaching a scary level. She even began having blurred vision, stomach pains and a headache. Jessica went to the hospital immediately where they learned they had to deliver the baby right away.

“They went full on into rushing her into the emergency room,” Nickson explained on a podcast. The doctor told him”This baby’s coming in 15 minutes.”

How’s the Baby Doing Now?

So, how is the baby girl doing now? She’s actually doing well even though she came a month early.

“We had our baby girl and fortunately, the surgery went great. Jessica is currently recovering, by all means everything went good with her,” Cody said.

The baby was 18.5 inches, 6 pounds 7 oz when she was born. Jessica shared a sweet family photo on her Instagram. Maverick looks too cute and her parents look happy to have her but tired. Very understandable with a new baby and a scary situation!

Cody also posted a photo to his Instagram. He’s kissing Jessica’s head and they look like the picture perfect family. Maverick is lucky to have two great parents!

How cute is baby Maverick? Let us know what you think of the showmance couple’s new baby in the comments below!

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