Will Lisa Vanderpump Show Up for ‘RHOBH’ Reunion?

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Fans of Bravo’s Real Housewives know that the best part of the show is the reunions. It where all the ladies gather to hash out what happened throughout the season. While the show airs, each star has one-on-one interviews (“confessionals”) with the producers where they often bad mouth the other stars. The other cast members see that as the season airs, just like the audience does.

Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hadn’t even aired yet when rumors began about a huge falling out between Lisa and the rest of the cast. The season is almost at the halfway mark and the full drama is still playing out. 

So far, viewers have seen two of Lisa’s employees at her Vanderpump Dogs rescue bring out a dog, Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy. They worked her into the conversation that Dorit Kemsley adopted the dog from the rescue and it somehow ended up in a shelter.


Lisa Rinna was quick to accuse Lisa V. of telling her employees to purposely bring the dog out when Kyle Richard and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave were at the rescue center. Lisa V. denies this and has text messages from Teddi to one of the employees asking him to bring the dog out while she is there. This was so she can comment on it looking familiar.

A source tells US Weekly that there are more yet-unseen text messages that indicate Lisa V. did orchestrate the Puppygate drama. Rumors are swirling that Lisa V. is getting yet another spin-off and this one would focus on Vanderpump Dogs.

Once that rumor was out there, Lisa R. jumped on it and speculated that she and the other ladies were all being used by Lisa V. to promote her new show.

Will Lisa Attend the Reunion?

As the season stands right now, Lisa V. is only getting along with Kyle. However, that changes somehow in the upcoming episodes because both have told the press that they haven’t spoken in months. The show is usually filmed during summer and fall. The reunion is taped the weekend after the season finale airs.

Speculation is already rampant over whether Lisa V. will attend the reunion or not. She refused to film with the other ladies for the entire second half of the season. But much to the surprise of the cast and crew, she did show up to the premiere party.

According to Life & Style, whether Lisa shows up to film the reunion will be a “game time decision.”

What Happens if She Doesn’t?

Fans of the Bravo hit show remember back in Season 3 when Adrienne Maloof skipped the reunion. She was subsequently not asked back for Season 4. While she claims it was her choice to leave, many wonder about the timing of the announcement. During the reunion taping, host Andy Cohen announced Adrienne decided not to come. Then he said it was her “final act as a housewife.”

Would Andy give Lisa Vanderpump the same treatment if she decides to skip the reunion this year? Doubtful! Lisa V. has a very successful spin-off Vanderpump Rules and a possible third and fourth spin-off – one for Vanderpump Dogs and one for her new restaurant opening in Las Vegas. Lisa V. is considered by many as the darling of Bravo television.

Perhaps that’s why the other ladies are coming at her so hard this season — jealousy. If Lisa is a no-show, she might have made the choice not to come back next season on her own. 

Tune in to Bravo on Tuesdays to see what else is revealed about Puppygate. You don’t want to miss RHOBH on Bravo. 

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