Will Josiah And Lauren Duggar Try To Have A Baby?

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Nearly a month ago, Josiah and Lauren Duggar announced that they had suffered a miscarriage. In a social media post from February 11, they said, “Many of yall don’t know this, but a couple of months ago we found out we were expecting, however, soon after we miscarried.”


In addition, they recorded a video clip that was shared by TLC. They later talked about the miscarriage on Counting On. Throughout this whole time, they were very open with fans.

At the end of their post, the couple says, “To the ones who have gone through this,
I know your pain. It’s real and terrible. I just want you to know you don’t have to suffer in pain alone. It is not your fault.” They used this loss as an opportunity to let others know that they are not alone.

Will Josiah and Lauren Duggar be trying to conceive again?

Now, fans are starting to wonder when the couple will try to have another baby. It is rather soon since they just miscarried a couple of months ago. Still, some have begun to speculate.

Though the couple hasn’t said whether they will be trying again anytime soon, we are sure they are going to add to their family eventually. They may not announce when they will be ready to try again. When they were trying to conceive before, a source did share this information.

The Duggars do believe that God will send them a baby when the timing is right. Josiah and Lauren Duggar may feel the same way and may just be waiting for their time to come.

Fortunately, Josiah and Lauren Duggar are both young. They have plenty of time to grow their family and may just enjoy each other for a little while until they are ready.

Miscarriages are fairly common so it isn’t likely that a fertility issue is to blame. There is still a chance that Lauren Duggar could have difficulties getting pregnant, but a single miscarriage isn’t enough to determine that.

Still, the couple may be waiting a little while to have a baby. This was a big shock for them and they are likely still working through it. It seems like their friends, family, and fans have been very supportive.

What do you think about Josiah and Lauren Duggar adding to their family? Our thoughts are with them!

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