Bekah M. Slammed by Fans for Supporting a Parent’s Choice to Vaccinate Their Children

Bekah M from Instagram

Bekah Martinez, from Arie’s season of The Bachelor, recently came under fire for her comments about vaccination. Martinez, 24, and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, welcomed their baby girl, Ruth, via natural water birth in February.

Bekah M is very open about parenting

Since Ruth’s birth, Martinez has been open about all aspects of motherhood, including her skin troubles and emotional postpartum experience. However, one reveal had fans raging against the reality tv star. Martinez posted on Instagram the following message about her doctor. This was on her Instagram story.

Martinez has spoken passionately about her natural birth. She is vocal about her support for a more natural approach to motherhood. Nonetheless, the anti-vax movement has been growing ever more controversial, especially in light of the recent measles outbreak. Anti-vax has absolutely zero scientific basis, and has caused a spike in communicable diseases across the globe, leading to the deaths of many children. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Bekah has her own. The outrage forced Martinez to post the below clarification, stating that she is indeed vaccinating her child.

Fans don’t hold back sharing their thoughts

Regardless, fans were appalled at the idea that the new mother would take her newborn to a doctor that allowed unvaccinated children in the waiting room. Prior to getting vaccines, a newborn is at high risk for death from communicable diseases, such as whooping cough. Fans were quick to point out that seeing a doctor who allows unvaccinated children in their waiting room increases the baby’s risk of exposure to potentially deadly diseases. Martinez informed her platform that she was going to discuss a specialized plan with her doctor. She does have plans to vaccinate her own child. 

In a recently posted photo of Ruth, fans flocked to the comments to let Martinez know what they think. Many of them echoed that they would require their physician to vaccinate all children before they allowed their babies in their waiting rooms. Did you even ask your doctor about that? Most people might not even think of it. In addition, fans were critical about Martinez’s plans for a specialized vaccination schedule, asking why the new mother thought she knew better than doctors and the FDA. Some of the comments are available in the below picture.

Followers shares their thoughts

One commenter wrote, “You’re failure to vaccinate is like people who don’t want to participate in climate change prevention. Scientists around the world are telling us that we must vaccinate just like scientists are telling us that we must work to protect this planet.” Another one didn’t hold back. They said “sad to hear you’re an anti vaxxer….😞 rlly liked and respected you but I refuse to support people who don’t vaccinate their children. All the best to u.”

Martinez quickly went on the defensive, and wrote back, “IM VACCINATING MY CHILD. we’re not doing EVERY single one of the 50-something options and are doing an individualized schedule under the guidance of a medical professional. i worded that completely incorrectly on my story. he does not SUPPORT not vaccinating. that was the wrong word to use. he had a sit-down conversation with us about the importance of vaccinating however he will allow families in his practice who choose not to vaccinate.”

It should be noted that in the first year, a child does not receive fifty vaccines. At most, they receive twenty-five. Though fans have often praised Martinez’s willingness to be upfront about her decisions, it appears that in this instance, she failed to win their support. She may shy away from this topic in the future. 

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