‘Counting On’:Will John And Abbie Duggar Have Children?

John and Abbie Duggar Instagram

As of right now, John and Abbie Duggar have yet to announce a pregnancy. They have been married since November 2018. They haven’t been together for very long, but the Duggars usually have kids fairly soon after getting married.


On the couple’s Instagram posts, fans are already speculating about a possible pregnancy. Their honeymoon update received several comments about them expecting a child.


Duggar fans have come to expect pregnancies shortly after a couple gets married, so it does make sense. John and Abbie Duggar have yet to respond to these comments or clear up any other pregnancy rumors.

At Christmas, the newlyweds shared a photo with a caption that said, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.’ Isaiah 9:6


Fans were quick to question whether this was a pregnancy announcement. They began asking if the couple was expecting. Then, they realized that it was simply a bible verse about Christmas.

We’re assuming that John and Abbie Duggar will have children eventually. They may be taking some time to enjoy married life for now though. As of right now, we haven’t seen any baby news or talk about babies from this Duggar couple.

Why might John and Abbie Duggar wait to have children?

So far, it has seemed like John and Abbie Duggar are living their lives a bit differently than the rest of the Duggars. It all began when they set their own rules for their courtship.

The two got married later in life compared to the other Duggar children. They began courting when John Duggar was 28 years old and Abbie Duggar was 26 years old.

In addition, Abbie Duggar is a nurse. She may not be ready to become a mom and may want to focus on her career. As a Duggar, she would likely stay home with her children and not be able to return to work. This is especially true if they decide to homeschool their kids.

Since the couple is doing things differently, there’s a chance that Abbie Duggar would return to work after having a baby. They could send their children to daycare and public school. It’s hard to know exactly how these two will be like the rest of their family and what they will do differently.

We think they are waiting a little longer just because they have set themselves apart from the rest of the Duggars up to this point. We expect it to continue in other aspects of their lives.

Do you think that John and Abbie Duggar will have children? Will it be soon, or will they wait a while? Let us know your thoughts!

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