‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Reveals How She Manages Her Weight

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives fans saw some photos of Christine Brown having fun, playing like a kid in the snow. Over on Instagram, many of them commented on how well and slim she looks these days. In reply, Christine Brown revealed how she manages her weight and vitality. It seems she follows a blood type diet and exercise regimen.

Sister Wives fans ask how Christine manages her weight

In her Instagram post, Christine captioned it with, “Way to stay young, make snow angels.” Of course, fans noticed that she seems full of vitality and fun. Not only that, but she appears to have lost a good deal of weight. One fan asked her, “How did you lose so much weight? You look great.” Another said, “Girl! You look so skinny and fabulous!”

Of course, that’s when Sister Wives followers asked Christine how she managed to lose weight. To that, Christine replied, “I eat according to my blood type and work out!! ” Lots of people asked Christine to tell them more about the diet, but no reply came yet. So, to help out fans here’s more about the Blood Type diet. Having been on it for three months myself, I can confirm it seems to work for me. However, remember that any diet change should be done with a consult to your physician first.


The Blood Type Diet by Dr. Peter J.D’Adamo

The first book Dr. Peter J.D’Adamo brought out was called The Eat Right Diet. Later, in 2001, a new edition came out titled, Eat Right For Your Type. Since then, newer editions came out, and while Christine never said as much, we can assume she’s basing her diet on his theory.

Here’s a bit of info extracted from the book:

“Being overweight was anathema to our ancient ancestors, whose bodies were machines which consumed and
expended the fuel they needed. Today, obesity had become one of the biggest health problems in many
industrialized societies.

For this reason, losing weight has become an obsession, and naturally many of my patients are interested in the weight loss aspects of the blood type diet. I always tell them that these diets are not specifically for weight loss; they are designed for optimal performance.

Having said that, I added that weight loss is one of the natural side effects of the body’s restoration. Because the blood type diet is tailored to the cellular composition of your body, specific foods will cause weight gain or weight loss for you, even though they may have a different effect on a person of another blood type.”

Food types and blood types to manage weight and health

The book outlines in simple language how food types and blood types marry up. The book breaks down the foods we eat into 16 groups. Each of these groups is further broken down into three categories. There are:

  • Beneficial:  Good foods for our blood group that we should eat as often as possible; acts like a medicine.
  • Neutral: Foods that we can and should eat as they contain the vitamins, proteins, and minerals that our
    bodies need, and
  • Avoid foods: Food that is hard to digest; incompatible with our blood type; acts like poison.

Exercise right for your blood type is also covered

Apart from eating the right foods for your blood type, the book also gives advice on the type of exercise you should be doing. Maybe the Sister Wives take their exercise regimen from the eat right diet recommendations as well. On the premise that Type O people were the original hunter-gatherers and needed to run around a lot, they should do more running around than say Blood Type A’s who benefit from yoga.

While some doctors and scientists feel the theory has no merit, those people who use the diet and exercise plan seem to have good success. However, there remain some questions as to whether it can have a cause and effect on cancers.  Plus, from my personal point of view, and this may be something Christine Brown faces in her Sister Wives family – it gets a bit complicated if your family has differing blood types.

In that situation, perhaps the trick is to eliminate or at least reduce drastically the amount of “bad” foods we eat from our day-to-day meals but cheat a little from time to time. Perhaps it’s just a question of being realistic and a little flexible in your approach.

Once again, remember to never go on a diet or change your exercise plan without consulting a health professional. Always check out the opposing views as well before making a decision, like Web MD’s take on it.

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