Is ‘When Calls The Heart’ Canceled? Hallmark Has Statement For #Hearties

Erin Krakow, When Calls The Heart-

Is When Calls The Heart canceled? The beloved Hallmark show has now been pulled because of the Lori Loughlin college admission bribe scandal. Hallmark has a statement for #Hearties on the future of the show. Will the show resume airing soon, and when?

Is When Calls The Heart Canceled?

Hallmark has made sure to let #Hearties, what the fans of When Calls The Heart calls themselves, know that the show is definitely returning. Using social media, Hallmark indicated that they have a lot planned for the future of the show, but right now, they are figuring out their options.

#Hearties, we assure you that Hallmark Channel has no plans to cancel When Calls the Heart. Hope Valley has many more stories left to share and we will let you know the details soon.”

This shocking scandal has to be hard on #Hearties, who went through the emotions of losing a beloved character last season and waiting to see how the story now continues, including the promise of new love for Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton (Erin Krakow).  The series had  just returned on February 24, for the premiere of Season 6. There was an audience of 2.5 million viewers that wanted to see what was next for Elizabeth.

What Will Hallmark Do Next?

Now Hallmark has to make some pretty big decisions on what they do next. They may be weighing cost versus time on how they will make When Calls The Heart work for fans. Do they replace Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton, or do they have the character leave or die off screen? Could Hallmark even go as far as to reshoot the Season 6 scenes that Lori was in, or do they just air the season as it is, once the dust from the college entrance scam has settled?

They also have to consider the WCTH spinoff show, When Hope Calls. According to Spoiler TV, the spinoff series will be airing on the new Hallmark streaming service, in August. Hallmark has invested greatly into these series and they are not about to cancel a show that fans love and call themselves #Hearties. Nor are they going to do anything to adversely jeopardize their highly anticipated new spinoff.

What Other Networks Have Done

Hallmark is not the first channel to deal with controversy over one of their stars. Last spring, the very successful Roseanne reboot was abruptly canceled due to Roseanne Barr’s racist comments. When Charlie Sheen was “winning,” CBS killed off his Two And A Half Men character, Charlie Harker, and brought in Ashton Kutcher playing a new character, Walden Schmidt. The original and the rebooted Dynasty both had replaced main characters with new actors, with soap opera-type excuses. While WCTH could not exactly explain that Abigail looked different because she almost died and had plastic surgery, fans are going to accept any choice Hallmark makes. If they have not played out Abigail’s storyline, it would be a pity to remove her character from the show prematurely, because of this scandal.

WCTH is loosely taken from a six-book series called Canadian West. They are written by Canadian author Janet Oke. The first book, When Calls The Heart, is where the series takes its name. When will Hallmark air When Calls The Heart again?  Clearly, they want to make the right longterm decision that is right for their fans and for the integrity of the channel and the show.

What do you think Hallmark should do next? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment field below.

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  1. Very happy to hear WCTH will return, I feel that you should play out what shows you have and replace Lori with another actress…her character is so great…I would miss all the characters around to please everyone…you should replace her. Hallmark has fabulous actresses…Ashley Paisley is just one of them. I love all your hallmark movies and hope you can replace Lori

    1. I think you should keep Lore as she is the heart and soul of the show. So she made a mistake. Which of us has never made a Mistake. For all we know it could have been her husband that caused all this scandal ❤️❤️

      1. I’m with you on this one! After all we all know that this is acting and not a pertrail of the actual people on screen. Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around!

        1. Agree! Let the season play out and just replace her character if needed.
          NO explanation is needed if you have to replace her. You are making this harder than it needs to be. We are not idiots. One Darren got sick on Bewitched and another actor was brought in. It’s only make believe. The fans are smart enough to know you sometimes have to replace an actor. Do not need a reason why they look different. This really is a no brainer.

    2. I love When Calls the Heart but Lori made a mistake everyone deserved to be forgiven.I love Abigail and I hope that the producers of When Calls the Heart don’t replace her with another actress it won’t be the same Abigail. To be honest Lori made the show it’s like Elizabeth getting a new love interests it won’t be the same without Jack. I would love to see Bill and Abigail get together as the show continues but it wouldn’t be the same Abigail if she was replaced.

  2. Recast the role. The show is a story about all the characters in town not just Abigail. I think WCTH followers will accept it fir the continuation of the show.

  3. Bring Lori Loughlin back! Cut her pay, punish her but the show is good with her. Have her replaced by a look alike or kill her off. We love this show! Everyone makes mistakes!She will have to lose so much in other ways! My vote, keep her.

    1. Mistake? She and many others went way beyond a mistake. I liked her, but what she did is reprehensible. She needs to be out of everything Hallmark, just as her daughters have been kicked out of USC. Because “they” have more money than other people does not give them the right to corrupt the college system. There are so many students that had to scrimp and save to get into college legally. There are other young people that didn’t get into colleges because of people like her that think they are above everyone else.

      1. I fully agree with you Debra Harris. Right and wrong, good and evil have already become so wishy washy in today’s world, we should not support it here. I applaud Hallmark’s stand. I personally think it would be acceptable to finish this season 6 with Lori in it, since it was filmed before this scam came out. Would be very tricky to ‘remodel’ it. But definitely no more Lori movies after that.

  4. I know Lori did wrong. She isn’t the first one. I’d say, in order to save a lot of money, I’d go ahead and run with Series 6, with Lori. I don’t know if you can replace her in a scene or not, without redoing the entire series. Please don’t take WCTH off air. I’ve (we’ve) waited since last year for this.

  5. Replace her. quickly. Just do the soap opera thing where the announcer says “The role of Abigail will now be played by… ” and get on with it. She wasn’t the only actor in the show. It’s the SHOW we watch. We want to see the rest of the season. It isn’t the first time an actor in a series has had to be replaced. If she had died, you wouldn’t have canned the whole show mid-season. Come on!

  6. Love WCTH this is such sad news.. Praying that Hallmark makes the right call for the show yo continue I was really upset at losing Jack and still am!

  7. Keep the show as is for now. Make an official announcement prior to each episode this season and replace her character next season. Please do not cancel this show so to one person. I love this show.

  8. For decades, those in public life have made grievous errors in their personal or professional lives; but eventually their body of work or achievements in the public or political scene have come back into acceptance and appreciation, despite their flaws. As an avid fan of all the Hallmark movies and especially of When Calls the Heart, I have come to see Abigail Stanton as an integral part of the show. Therefore, I am able to keep her and Lori Loughlin separate in my viewership. I say, let the show continue. She will have to pay for her bad choices, but I wish her well in her journey back from this legal abyss.

    1. This is the way a Christian should act. People who make bad choices still have to make a living. They should have a path of atonement and forgiveness back.

  9. I love watching when calls the heart and have been watching it since the first episode. I love everyone in the show .I realize Lori has made a mistake,but she is a great actress and loved by so many people. She is a big part of the show. I would hate to see her leave! I believe all the characters would hate to see her leave and the viewers. I hate that Jack left the show and I miss him so much! I do understand why he left. Please do not take Lori out of the show. I believe the government will figure out the punishment for her or fine her. She made a mistake like many people in our world has also done. She is a good person! No one is perfect! Humans make mistakes! Do not throw some one away for one mistake! I wish you could forgive,forget,and move on! Please show the rest of the shows that are already completed! If you decide to change her ,do it next season or replace her. I would hate to not have her character in the show! I still wish you keep her in the show! I also watch the garage mysteries and love her on that show! She will be greatly missed by all. I know you will make the right decision! God loves when someone forgives!

      1. She’s not been convicted of anything yet!! She is a great asset to the show but at the least have the narrator announce the new actress and get on with the shows!!! But my vote is to keep her!!! We all make mistakes in life for our kids… and she may prove herself innocence.

  10. I agree with Carol! Please don’t cancel the show! I look forward to Sunday evening !
    There are so many people that kill, cheat liners line the politicians, they are not in jail, let Lori pay her penalty! Move on!!!

  11. I would like to see Hallmark go ahead and run the episodes of Season 6 with Lori Loughlin. That will allow some time for the situation to be resolved, and give Hallmark time to make some kind of decision moving forward.

    1. I agree with Sharon Headley. Go ahead and run season 6 as is and then make a decision on how to move forward.

      1. I agree with Sharon. It may even increase viewers. The new viewers will love the show. This will increase the viewers and the show will be more popular.

  12. Please continue with Season 6 as is, then recast the role of Abigail for Season 7. We would still have Lori playing Abigail in the first 5 seasons, so why not just let Season 6 be Season 6 as filmed. I appreciate the precarious position that Hallmark is in and hope that the show’s advertisers will continue to support the show. Thank you for hearing the Hearties’ opinions!

    1. I agree totally with you, Vickie. Show the rest of the season “as is”, then when season 7 begins, either replace her with another actress, and say she has decided to go to be with “the preacher” that she loved. Cindy’s sister is old enough to care for him, and she could return. Bill could take over Abigail’s cafe, and change the name to Bill’s Place!

  13. I believe that Hallmark should run WCTH season 6 as is, it’s already complete and has only 7 episodes left for the fans to see. If necessary, replace the character for season 7.
    Please don’t punish the cast, crew, writers and fans for one persons personal choices.

  14. Of course, we (my friends and I) can understand the need to replace the role of Abigail Stanton. It saddens our hearts that this is even necessary. But, this character could go visit her daughter and be killed in a train/stage accident, while Cody could be staying with the Coulters. He could remain with them and a new mayor/café owner could be found. We actually would like to see the rest of the season as is. We are so dedicated to this series and look forward to it like no other on TV, it would be a shame to make us wait for long.

  15. I don’t want to see Lori on any show. Please just start over as if she was never there. We know what she did and it breaks my heart. She was so genuine on the show. It’s like she was lying through her character.

    You have to make her character go away. No getting killed or leaving. Just shoot as if she had never been there.

  16. I think you should go ahead and air the rest of this series as it is already filmed and then replace her with another actress to play Abigail next season.

  17. An awful lot of angst and blame on one person, Lori Loughlin. I want all the details before we go any further. Did the mastermind of all this, who was just indicted, go to these parents, or did they come to him??? Were any of these universities, who like to be seen as above reproach, actively involved for big money??? What are all the “other” names??? How long has this been going on??? Were any strong-arm, convincing, tactics used??? This all seems so out of character. A lot of people making awfully severe judgments, assuming the worst. A great deal of meanness of spirit. Until all questions are answered, the decision to “move forward” is on shaky ground at best.

  18. WCTH has always been a collaborative effort. The cast, writers, behind the scenes crew, and fans should not be penalized because of the actions of one actor. All remaining episodes of Season 6 should be aired as scheduled. Like the caring residents of Hope Valley, I hope Hallmark and its fans can find it in their “hearts” to forgive. Compassion and forgiveness are more important than ever these days.

  19. My opinion is to replace Lori Laughlin and please bring Daniel Lissing (Jack) back from the North. Not interested in seeing ” new love” for Elisabeth, after all it took too long for Jack to propose to her.
    I have only watched up to season 4.

  20. I think the best way to recover from this is not to cut her loose. Use it for storyline. Create a scandal on WCTH with Abigail and have her go through the difficulty of recovering from keeping a secret that was reprehensible (like she was a prostitute secretly etc) that changes the town’s feelings about her. Walk it through a story line of repentance, forgiveness and redemption. Not unlike Henry in the show with make-believe badness. Yes it may have been a planned out misuse of their wealth, but no one on the planet has ever not done something that is utterly regrettable.. after being caught. This opportunity for her to remain on the show will show her real character and willingness to be humbled and redeemed. Its pure hallmark thematic content.

  21. I am very pleased to know the show Will go on. The character can be replaced, hopefully soon!
    Ideas for a replacement….Lisa Welchel, among many, many other great talented women.
    You are an amazing group, and I believe this will all work out for you and your team, and for us; your faithful viewers.❤️

  22. I believe in forgiveness she made a horrible choice let the law punish her. She has lost a lot of respect that will take years to recover if ever. But, losing her career is not the answer it hurts others too that depend on their jobs. Forgiving is not easy but why single out these two.

  23. I don’t think they should kill off Abigail. Depending on what happens with this scandal, I think she should have to be called away from Hope Valley to manage a long-term emergency with a family member and her cousin, maybe played by Candace Cameron-Bure, should arrive in Hope Valley to visit Abigail only to find that she had left to take care of this emergency. Her cousin then could stay with Cody and run the cafe while Abigail’s character is slowly removed. This way, if this scandal turns out to be a terrible mistake, Abigail could still return. If it isn’t though, and she can’t return, we’ve already adjusted to her being gone and the show can go on. I also think Elizabeth or Lee should take over as Mayor.

  24. I definitely think that Hallmark should replace Lori as Abigail. There are other good actresses out there and I definitely think that Hallmark did right by firing her for what she did. She is just as guilty as her husband for what she did.

  25. My favorite show, Lori admits she was wrong, why not keep her but have her become Ill, then travel to a medical facility for a few months. Abigail could have a Sister who could move to town and take over her jobs until she heals from her illness..
    Love all the cast! God Bless
    Just a thought!

  26. So it makes me sad that she did do what she did. But it was wrong! With that being said hallmark has already filmed some of the episodes and I don’t feel the other actors should be held accountable for her mistakes and those episodes should be ran. And I understand Hallmark being a wholesome family Network and what she did was wrong but the show doesn’t take away from that. So run the shows and while the shows are running Hallmark can figure out what to do, whether it’s to recast Abigail or have her leave for someplace and not come back or whatever the situation is they have time to figure that out while they’re running the episodes that have already been made. But in the meantime while these other episodes are running they can figure that out and then they can stop the show at that point and reassess the situation. You have amazing actors on the show that have been there for years and plus you’ve broadened new actors so let these episodes run and figure it out from there.

  27. Why is it they are going after Lori when so many others were involved. Also what about the collages that allowed this to happen. Lori is a fine actress who made a mistake so why not forgive her as Jesus would. We have all done things we regret. Keep her on the show and don’t wreck her life. I always had great respect for Hallmark but not no more. I will quit watching them and no longer buy their cards if they dump Lori like she is a piece of garbage. The teacher who is goin to sue for that amount of money makes no sense. Go after the collages lady. You are after money.

  28. Unfortunately we live in a moment where everyone likes to throw the first stone. What happens to “innocent until guilt”?
    None of us know exactly what happened, and until this end of this situation, we should just support the investigations.
    Remember why we are #hearties? Why we like the show so much? The main idea of the show is people can change, people can have second chances (Henry anyone?).
    At this moment, Hallmark should keep playing the show, and if indeed she is proven guilty – in the future – she will have to pay for her mistakes – everyone pays for mistakes in some way or another. But we, as Christians, need to learn how to forgive and give second chances. This is what Bible says, this is what WCTH preaches.

  29. Let the show go on, replace her. No need for Hallmark or anyone else to suffer. The circumstances are sad but it happens.

  30. leave the previous shows just the they are. Then recast her. If an actress is as good as they are supposed to be they should pick up right were she left off. All the way through Elizibeths and jacks courtship I heard this show was about more than one person. main cast members need to be recasted.

  31. Lori Loughlin Is a great actress which is not her identity when playing a role on TV. All people make mistakes which, I don’t think she brought to work with her. I’m not saying what happen was right but you separate your personal life with business. People should forgive and forget and move forward. I am sure with her talent, she will have many opportunities in the future. I truly believe there’s a lot of good in her and I hope Crown productions will see that and consider giving her a second chance. As far as what to do with WCTH as of now, it would be nice to see the original movie move forward as planned however; if that is not possible one thought would be: While she is in her café cooking there could be some kind of explosion at her stove that burns her face. Wrapped up in a bandage over her face and her Vocal chords changed because of the accident, would give reason for her voice to change. Elizabeth could have her father to find the finest plastic surgeon to restore her face as much as possible and pay for it. Meanwhile while waiting on a new actress Bill and Henry wanted to purchase the saloon so; they could run the restaurant while Hallmark is deciding what to do for Abigail. If hallmark decides to bring Laurie back they could simply just unwrap her face and she would look the same if not; when she comes back from the plastic surgeon you would have a new actress as Abigail.

    1. Also the season finale could be them unwrapping her face and at that time the show would go off for the audience to wonder if she looks like Abigail or someone else. This would give Hallmark more time to figure out if they need to replace her or not. I think this decision has been made to soon. I think there needs to be more time given to Lori Loughlin. How many perfect people are they in this world.

  32. Finish airing what episodes have already been filmed with Lori. Then, either write Lori (Abigail) off the show or replace her with another actress to play Abigail.

    But Lori herself should NOT be allowed to return with a mere slap on the wrist. Other actors and celebrities have broken the law and will face their consequences for poor decision and crimes. She did commit a crime and many others were affected because of her and her husband’s cheating!

  33. I believe that the season should be aired as is and then replace her with another actress. I believe this is the best scenario given the circumstances.

  34. Love the show! After all Abigail is the Mayor and has a cafe to run and a son to raise. No one is perfect !!

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