‘The Bachelor’ Couple Open up About Major Double Standards

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The Bachelor is over and Colton Underwood is happy in love with Cassie Randolph. It appears that the feeling is (finally) mutual between the two. Now, they are talking more in depth about Colton’s virginity and the dating double standard that comes along with that.

‘The Bachelor’ Couple on Virginity

Most everyone, including Colton, can agree his virginity was a little overplayed in the most recent season of The Bachelor. They also both agreed that had Colton been a woman, he might not have faced quite as many jokes and as much ridicule for it according to Variety.

“I feel like with a girl, it probably wouldn’t have been talked about as much, honesty,” Cassie said, “Or maybe the jokes wouldn’t have been as extreme.”

“I can tell you, if it was a girl, it wouldn’t have been as in your face,” Colton added. “I would definitely say that.”


This may be true. However, either way, his virginity is a major marketing tool. Now that it’s a real relationship though the pair have decided to keep what they are doing to themselves. They even brought that up on The Bachelor season finale, saying that this is a relationship with two people now. They don’t want to exploit their whole relationship. This makes sense especially after already being in front of the media so much.

How the Show Ended

Many may be disappointed that the pair didn’t end up engaged at the end of the show, instead they ended with Cassie pretty much in love with Colton. However, Colton doesn’t really feel the same. This is despite him wanting an engagement so baldy at the beginning of the season. His love for Cassie seems strong enough now, he doesn’t mind not getting to be engaged quite yet.

“I think everybody has their own way of how they handle “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” and for me, I was willing to throw the whole entire show and being the Bachelor to the side for Cassie and for our relationship and to do what was best and do what was right,” Colton said.

Do you agree with what Cassie and Colton said about Colton’s virginity? Let us know what you think about the whole situation in the comments. Be sure to watch The Bachelorette starting this May.

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