Mama June Warns Women to Stay Away from Geno

Mama June and Geno Instagram

Mama June has a very strong relationship with her boyfriend Geno Doak, she even has some jealousy in her. Geno has been very good for June and her daughter Honey Boo Boo, aka Alaina. He has been there for them both through everything, even with their problems with Sugar Bear. Talk about a crazy ex and his new girl. June expresses her jealousy to her fans on her Instagram and she doesn’t seem happy.

Mama June Shannon’s new post

Mama June made an Instagram post stating “This is so true I know girls as trying to talk to him n its oh k if its friendly but when u cross the line that different but u r woman enough to send something to him like that then send it to me too lol but seriously would do this it kills me how females do things like try to talk to someone else man n know they in a relationship damn that means they r taken that’s how problem get started but I can promise u I will b someone’s worst nightmare if they try to get with mine n try to come play in our yard lol just know we r solid n going on over 3 stronger so please don’t try me females I love u @doakgeno.”

This is her normal behavior

Mama June is very protective over her family and Geno is definitely included in that. This unique family appears on the hit show Mama June: From not to Hot. It’s third season premieres this upcoming Friday and fans are super excited! The mother and her daughter are a hot mess, but they definitely have a blast and enjoy their life. They even did a mother-daughter pageant together, how fun is that? They had new experiences together like learning a new dance and performing it and just having fun while doing it. Are you ready for the next season? Because all of their fans are. They’re also curious to see how Pumpkin and her husband are doing.

What drama will occur this season? How are Sugar Bear and his wife? Does Alaina start to get along with her father again? There’s a lot of questions fans are waiting to see answered and they’re more excited than ever. Stay tuned and find out what happens on Friday night on Mama June: From Not to Hot!

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