‘Counting On’: The Duggar Family Visits Bible Museum

Jana Duggar Instagram

Nearly anyone who follows the Duggar family is aware of their strong religious upbringing. The family is very focused on their Christian faith. It’s visible in many aspects of their lives both off and on Counting On.

On Instagram, Jana Duggar shares a post about the family’s recent trip to the Museum of the Bible. This museum is in Washington, D.C. In this post, she says, “Enjoyed visiting @museumofbible in Washington, D.C. 🏛 It was neat to see the Bible’s impact throughout history, and how it’s changed so many people’s lives.


In her pictures, we can see that a good number of the Duggars was able to make it on this trip. From what it looks like, it is mostly the younger children. It seems to be a challenge to get all of the family members in the same place nowadays.

Since Jana Duggar first joined Instagram, she has been posting all kinds of family updates. Her fans are loving all of her posts and look forward to seeing more. She seems to be one of the more social media-savvy people in the family.

In her post, she doesn’t say if the family did anything else while in Washington, D.C. The family lives in Arkansas so we’re guessing that they made a bigger trip out of this than only one museum. Maybe we will see more pictures from their travels to the east coast.

What are fans saying about the Duggar family’s trip?

The comments on the Duggars’ posts are always interesting. Some fans are very encouraging and others become somewhat critical. Overall, fans seemed happy to hear about the Museum of the Bible.

Some of the comments included fans talking about their own experiences at this museum. They shared how much they loved visiting and that they thought it was great that the Duggars got to go.

Jana Duggar Instagram

Jana Duggar Instagram

Some fans even asked questions about the museum because they wanted to learn more or are planning their own trips there. It seems like this museum is a hit among Duggar fans, especially since they have seen that the Duggars enjoyed it.

Jana Duggar Instagram

Jana Duggar Instagram

Other fans had never heard of the museum and decided they wanted to go after seeing Jana Duggar’s post about it.

What do you think of the Duggars’ trip? Do you like seeing all of the updates from Jana Duggar and the rest of the family members on social media? Don’t miss Counting On on TLC on Monday nights at 9/8c!

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