Chris Harrison Shares What Happened During His Conversation with Colton Underwood

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This season of The Bachelor has been rough for viewers, Colton, and all the women who are involved. We’ve seen heartbreak, laughter, happiness and love come out of this whole experience. However, what we saw last night was all heartbreak. Cassie Randolph confessed that she doesn’t think she’s ready for what Colton wants or needs. That didn’t stop Colton though, this dude jumped the fence for her. Colton then told the other two girls 

Chris Harrison and Colton’s talk

Chris Harrison reveals that the conversation he had with Colton was rough. Harrison stated “It was brutal. We sat there for a couple of hours, just trying to figure out what to do.” The fans can only imagine. Colton Underwood then made the decision to run after Cassie and dump the other two girls. Tayshia’s breakup was emotional but it was hard for the fans to have sympathy considering she broke up with her ex-boyfriend the night before shooting started. Hannah G’s was even harder, however. Right before Colton showed up to her room, she told the producers how she was going to tell him she loved him. Hannah was definitely heartbroken, she didn’t even see this coming, she expected to win. She never even got an overnight date.

Colton is sure Cassie is the one

When Cassie was breaking up with Colton, he told producers that he knew she was the one, she never left his mind. He didn’t believe what he was hearing and afterward, he jumped an 8-foot fence. However, this was only the first part of the two-part finale. There’s going to be more drama tonight. Will it be heartbreak? Or will it be romance? All the fans are dying to find out. Hopefully, Colton is okay with the outcome. 

Viewers are super anxious to see all of this drama unfold tonight. How will this go down? Will Cassie give in and decide to be with Colton? That’s what fans are hoping for anyway. They loved the two together on the show and everyone wants them to have a happily ever after life so many previous contestants. Fans are also trying to predict who the next Bachelorette will be, who is your guess? A lot of people are guessing Hannah B, which fans could see. Stay tuned and watch what happens tonight on ABC on The Bachelor

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